Benepaw Dog Clickers Whistle 2 In 1 Wrist Band Pet Training Consistent Positive Reinforcement For Puppies Fix Undesired Behavior


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  • Item Type: Dog Whistles
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: plastic
  • Type: Dogs
  • Dropshipping Service: Yes
  • Feature 1: Wrist Band
  • Feature 2: Fix Undesired Behavior
  • Feature 3: Easy to use
  • EASY TO USE – Combines two of the most popular dog training tools; a clicker and a whistle, making it an essential training product. Simple push button with distinct clicking sound. Comes with an elastic wrist band so you can leave it on your wrist or clip it to the leash or your pants. Convenient to take outside training. Scientific method of training your pet safely and easily.

  • GET FASTER TRAINING RESULTS –  Clicker training is proven to work. Clicker training is an easy method to end undesired behavior and teach good manners, toileting, and tricks. The clicker is not just for dogs it can be used for your cat bird and even horse. Not only train the dog but also the cat, bird, chicken, sheep a new behaviors like sit, fetch, roll over, lie down. For effective pet training always reward with a treat after clicking.

  • MULTIFUNCTION – Can be used to train the dog basic obedience, consistency is the key to obedience training and this clicker/whistle combo give a standard cue that tells your dog that they are performing the correct behavior.

  • SCIENTIFIC TRAINING METHOD – By pressing the big button, this clicker will make distinct and recognizable sound, this is a pleasure way to communicate with your lovely pet. The tear drop shaped clicker is lightweight, fits and feels great in your hand. The whistle provides the additional flexibility to include distance commands to a training program such as a distance ‘sit’ command.


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.


ADD REWARDS FORPOSITIVE REINFORCEMENT – Click immediately when your pet completes the desired behavior


Whistle Training – The sound is loud and can be transmitted far away




Communicate With Your Pet / For Pets Of ALL Sizes / Train Your Pet


Elastic Wrist Strap / Big Button For Clicking / Stainless Steel Key Ring / The opening of three holes is loud and distant



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