Dog Cat Flap Door With 4 Way Safety Lock Flap Door For Dog Cats Kitten ABS Plastic Small Pet Door Cat Door Kit Dogs Flap Doors


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  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: cats


Four-way lock (enter, exit, enter/exit, open) cat flap with four locking modes: always on, enter only, exit only, fully locked, giving you easy control of your pet in a simple and clean way; with the cat flap you no longer need to close and open the door to wait for your pet.

Glass effect: clear design to match the glass, suitable for windows, sliding glass doors; suitable for all types of glass; your pet will instantly love their beautiful overhead door cat flap.

Quiet and comfortable: glass cat flap with two types of protection; brush to prevent the door from making noise and rubber interior to protect your cat from harm; opens quietly without scaring your pet or disturbing the owner and your cat can go to the toilet by itself.

Durable and long-lasting: the round clear cat flap is made of durable ABS plastic and is weatherproof, comfortable and easy to use; the robust construction resists UV rays; the flap is virtually indestructible thanks to 100% polycarbonate.

Suitable for all animals: cat door with perforated flap suitable for all types of cats and some small dogs (6 kg); for glass panels: 3 – 27 mm


This well-designed cat flap provides a great environment for controlling your baby at will. Made from ABS material, our pet flap is not only strong and durable but also easy to install. It will only take a few minutes. Get animal control of the gate. The cat flap has four types of control: indoor only, outdoor only, free access and strictly prohibited. You can move the animals inside the door as required, not only that. The brushes on the cat flap reduce the noise generated when the flap is opened, as well as cleaning and preventing debris from getting caught in obstacles when entering or leaving the flap.

This cat flap is not only suitable for kittens, but also for small dogs. If you intend to use them on your dog.Features.

1. Four-way locking system

2. Wide 200 mm x 185 mm

3. Weatherproof sealing strip included

4. Automatic positioning of the magnetic airfoil

5. Moulded seal to minimise the effects of weather

6. Easy to install with 4 screws

7. slim profile for easy installation on ranch sliders

8. UV stabilised.

9. Safety features

10. Quiet action and

11. stainless steel for all screws

12. Flat glass panel gasket

13. Glass hole diameter 267 mm.

14. Suitable for glass panels up to 25 mm.

15. Environmentally friendly (recyclable)

16. No cavity feature to prevent dust from being trapped in the glass window

17. Pet door for sliding glass doors


Transparent round

Door durable polycarbonate door

3 year warranty

4 Locking options

Brush seal for weather protection

Package Included:

1 x Cat door with glass window

3 x short screws

3 x long screws

3 x nuts.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 30.5 × 31 cm


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