JISULIFE Rechargeable USB Mini Portable Handheld Fans


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Product description:

【High evaluation & high sales】

  1. JISULIFE hand-held fans are popular all over the world. Since the launch, the cumulative sales volume has reached 120,000 pieces.
  2. 4.9 points high score, pay attention to product quality, strict manufacturing and production, high evaluation and rest assured to buy. Strength proves quality effect.

【High Performance & Portability & Fashion】

  1. more battery life
  2. more portable
  3. More features, charging, flashlight, fan function 3 in 1

【Portable Power Bank Function】

  1. 5V/1A USB output port makes the mini fan a power bank(4800mAh) in an emergency, supplying power for mobile phone, MP3, or iPod, etc.
  2. The battery pack integration is a plus if you need a quick phone charge.

【Updated Strong Airflow】

  1. With enlarged blades, the wind increased 30% compared to the original version. Enough for personal use to keep you cool.
  2. One speed–1875 RPM
  3. Two speed–2575 RPM
  4. Three speed-3400 RPM
  5. Enough air to keep you cool as a personal

【UAV technology】

  1. ‘Unhindered’ strong wind.Derived from drone propeller blade design

【Foldable Design and Mini Size】

  1. The folding design makes it easy to be carried and stored. Besides, with the capsule shape
  2. This rechargeable fan can hide the fan blade, small and easy to slide into your pocket and purse.


Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 cm

2000mAh Brown F8, 2000mAh White F8, 2000mAh Pink F8, 4800mAh Brown F8X, 4800mAh White F8X, 4800mAh Pink F8X


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