MAMY PETS Pet Deodorant Air Purifier Litter Box Deodorization Sterilization Remove Pet Urine Smell Zone Generator Cat Supplie


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  • Brand Name: MamyPets
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Set Type: NO
  • Material: plastic

Button function description

①Turn on the key ②Power indicator ③Destroy the work indicator
④Infrared working indicator ⑤Heat sensitive sensor

Power on: Press and hold for 2 seconds, when 3 white lights flash once, it means the power on is successful.

Shut down: Long press for 2 seconds, when the power indicator flashes once, it means shut down.

During the charging process, the power indicator flashes slowly and is always on when it is full.



Product Name: Multifunctional Negative Ion

Rated voltage: DC5V

Battery capacity: 2600mah

Accessories: Deodorizer + USB charging cable + adhesive sticker (gift)

Charging method: USB charging

Working Principle

Working principle: The device will start sleep mode when it detects people or pets through heat sensitive response. After waiting for people or pets to leave, it will start to deodorize with active oxygen and decompose the odors such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in pet feces;

Double-effect purification system

Active oxygen + Anion

Double-effect deodorant, strong decomposition of odorous substances

Live oxygen release device:
Live oxygen release 240mg

Negative ion emitter:
Anion 5 million

Active oxygen antibacterial active purification

Bacteria killing rate 99.99%

Eliminate from the source: bacteria/virus/fungi/protozoa
Using the oxidation principle of the active oxygen strong oxidant, it chemically reacts with the peculiar smell material, and oxidizes it to decompose the non-toxic and odorless material, so as to achieve the deodorizing effect. There are many peculiar smells that can be removed, including the main components of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Peculiar smell such as methyl mercaptan.

High-sensitivity infrared sensor

Intelligent detection of cat in and out

When the device detects people or pets through heat-sensitive response, it will flash the indicator light to start the sleep mode. After the people or pets leave, it will start the active oxygen deodorization cycle.

2600mAh large capacity lithium battery

10 days of battery life without burden

Security: Imported protection chip
10 days: long battery life
Wireless: exquisite and compact


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.5 × 7.5 cm


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