New Dog Puzzle Toys Turntable Slow Feeder Toy Bone Interactive Food Bowl


SKU: TOY-B24104


Material: PP
Color: Yellow/Green
Size: appr. 24.5*24.5*6.5cm


1. Sturdy screws will enhance the construct to secure the food bowl, long-lasting and durable for long-life performance.

2.Made of thickened PP material, wear-resistant, and chewing resistant.

3. Equipped with small sections to hold pet food separately, can easily prevent your dog from eating too fast and reduce choking risks, also can add more fun when feeding your dog or cat.

4. Non-slip pads on the bottom allow for stable and secure placing to prevent food from overflow, relieving you from cleaning the floor each time.


Slide the panel,and then put in snacks. Don’t put food in every box, and then restore it. Encourage the dog to find food!

Intellectual Smell Training Stay Healthy
Rich and challenging toys that can effectively stimulate animal nature and instinct, stimulate the brain, and consume the dog’s energy.

Each layer is covered by bones, combination of 3 layers of rotating turntables
Increase the difficulty and speed of pet eating. The owner only needs to set the mechanism and cover the snacks.

Smooth and round, does not hurt the tongue
PP material, smooth and bite-resistant, not easy to wear.

Anti-slip design at the bottom not easy to slide
Firmly grip the ground to prevent sliding, allowing pets to play better.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 7 cm

Green, Yellow


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