Pet Hair Trimmer Clipper Cutting Machine Grooming Ceramic Blade Kit


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Parameter Description

Product name: pet hair trimmer

Product Model: DTJ-002

Rated power: 8W

Charging time: ≈ 3 hours

Working time: ≈ 270 minutes

Product size: 170*45*41mm

How to use: charging and plugging

Product list: Hair clipper body*1 and 3mm comb*1 and 6mm comb*1 and 9mm comb*1 and 12mm comb*1 and 15mm comb*1 and cleaning brush*1 and USB charging cable*1

About this product

1. Professional-grade pet electric clippers, using high-power motor, 3-speed speed regulation mode, respectively 6000r/6300r/6600r speed, at the same time, it has the effect of low vibration and low noise, and the noise is as low as 60dB;

2. The body is made of ABS engineering plastic, the cutter head is made of ceramic and stainless steel, and the R angle is processed, leaving a safe distance to prevent pets from being injured;

3. Support 4-speed macro adjustment, easy to deal with various hairstyles, comes with 6 limit combs, suitable for most pets;

4. Built-in 1200mA high-capacity lithium battery, effective battery life of about 4.5 hours, standard USB charging, plug and play, no need to wait;

5. Multi-index operation, simple and clear easy to use

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 8 cm


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