Pet Nest Dog Cat Bed Dog House Cat Mat Intelligent Cold and Warm Nest


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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: cats
  • Material: plastic
Product Description:
1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Material:  Plastic
3. Color:White
4. Product Size: 430*418*402 mm
    External machine Size:  110*110*68 mm
    Base Size: 343*343*49 mm
5. Product Weight: 6kg
6. Wireless connections: 2.4G WIFI connection
7. Rated voltage: 6VDC
8. Rated power: 17.4W / 2900 mA
9. Recommended pet: Cat ,Small Dog
10.General heating range: room temperature  15 degrees
     Cooling range: room temperature -10 degrees
     Note: between 15-42 degrees  (Considering the use of the product and the safety of the pet, we set the max and min temperature between 15-42 degrees)
1. Panel button design:
①. Short press to shut down
②. Long press for 2 seconds to shut down
③. Long press 5 seconds to configure the network
④. Automatically recommend cat bed temperature according to ambient temperature after booting
2. LED indicator:
①. Green light represents cooling mode
②. Orange light represents heating mode
3. Bottom non-slip pad:
①. The bottom and external air conditioning systems are all equipped with silicone anti-slip pads to stabilize the body and greatly improve safety factor.
4. Smooth inner wall design:
①. The inner wall structure is simple, it is not easy to stick pet hair, and it can be directly wiped with a dry cloth, which simplifies the cleaning process and creates a simple cleaning experience.
First time to use:
1.Take out the Product and place the main unit on the flat ground
2. Put the duct plug into the duct connector on the back of the main machine
3. Take out the power adapter, connect the external power supply, and supply power to the main machine.
4. Use phone to download the “petkit” app, go to the app homepage and click on “Device List” to add the corresponding device.
5. After binding, follow the prompts to adjust, you can adjust the temperature and view the situation of rest in the app.
1.Be sure to place the main unit on the flat ground
2.Do not let pets bite the wires
3.Children please operate under adult guidance
4. Forbidden to use this product as the unique source of warmth for young pets. And it is not recommended to use this product
separately for young pets under three months of age.
5. Don’t put something on the main machine
6. The product can not be washed with water, please do not soak in water
7. Please do not disassemble and repair the product yourself ,to avoid electric shock and fire.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 × 42 cm


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