RGB Bluetooth Mouse G3


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Time to market: 2023

Mouse size: ordinary mouse (100-120mm)

Number of keys: 8

Connection: wired

Working mode: photoelectric

Photoelectric resolution: 1200dpi

Adjustable resolution: six gears

Operating distance: 1.5

Roller direction: four-way roller

Line length: 1.5 (m)

Color: milky white, sky blue

Interface: USB

Style: G3 wired, G3 2.4G Bluetooth dual mode



1.G3 mechanical photoelectric wired electric mouse, DPI as high as 12800, supports macro custom programming, advanced sharp blades, powerful macro programming, one-click release of various combination skills, playing various large-scale games, invincible in the battlefield.

2. The right hand conforms to the ergonomic design and comfortable finger rest, the grip is upgraded, and the use is more comfortable.

3.RGB colorful breathing lights, electronic competition preferred mouse, night use more cool, RGB ticker effect to add color to your battle, three kinds of music rhythm for you to choose.

4. Nine controllable buttons to help you control the mouse as you like.

5. Using aerial optical tracing engine, the response is faster, the operation is more stable, the frame drop is eliminated, the frame is lost, the fast movement, the precise positioning.

6. Widely compatible, supports 1200-12800 OPI, more convenient to use.



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