Xiaomi Mijia ​Garment 1200W Handheld Portable Iron Home Electric Steam Cleaner





Brand Name: Xiaomi
Model Number: MJGTJ01LF
Voltage(V): 220V
Power(W): 1500W
Water Tank Capacity: 0.8L
Steam Duration (Min): 10min
Panel Temperature: 130℃
Heating Time: 30s
Power cord length: 1.6m
Size: 175*92*215mm
Product Weight: 780g


Detailed Parameters: 

XIAOMI MIJIA Steamer iron: Will not harm clothes, sterilize, eliminate mites, light and portable
Supercharging technology, continuous large steam: Using professional micro-supercharging technology, it releases 120kPA at 120℃ and continuously sprays steam.
30 seconds fast warm-up: 1200W high power, fast warm-up.
130℃ aluminum panel: Can maintain high temperature, ironing without dripping,the ceramic glaze layer is smoother and protects the clothes.
High temperature sterilization to eliminate mites: Eliminate bacteria and mites, the cleaning rate reaches 99.9%,protecting your skin health.
Humanized design, light and comfortable.
Supports horizontal ironing, like an electric iron.
Standing design.

Six Security Protections

1. Fuse protection.
2. Insulation material, low plastic surface temperature.
3. Temperature control.
4. Rubber power cord, high temperature resistant
5. One key to start, three seconds delay protection.
6. Separation of water and electricity.








Additional information

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 22 cm


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