Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Will You Get From eComhub?

Why choose the eComhub.net Instead of Other Sourcing/Purchasing Agents?

eComhub is knowing eCommerce products better than other China sourcing and purchasing agents. 

eComhub is sourcing products and purchasing them directly from China factory instead of trending company.

eComhub can do dropshipping from China for the sellers, also can buy inventory from China factory for sellers.

How good is the eComhub.net order fulfillment?

eComhub has around 22,000 square meters fulfillment center in China.

eComhub has more than 500 operation associates with handling average 30,000+ daily order fulfillment.

Above 99% order fulfillment accuracy rate three years in a row.

eComhub offers from postal to express shipping method for optimizing sellers shipping from China.

eComhub’s customers will have one to one account manager to handle the requirements.

eComhub provides fulfillment, sourcing, and shipping solution for eCommerce sellers and merchants. You can easily set up cross-board eCommerce business for products, order fulfillment and shipping through eComhub. To get started, please provide us with your service needs and requirements. We offer you a solution within our trusted network that can accommodate your needs.

Then, you are ready to start your business.

The fulfillment centers are worldwide cross Asia, America and Europe. For better serve your end customers, you can easily and flexible to allocate your inventory in one of our fulfillment centers.

There are no minimums! You will be charged based on what you use. We can facilitate short-term and seasonal engagements, and you are welcome to ramp up or down usage as it fits your business.

Product Sourcing

We specialize in clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, electronics, smart home, pet supplies and sports. We have sourced a lot of different products over the years and would feel comfortable sourcing or setting up production for most things.

Minimum order quantities are depends on products.

We strongly recommend that our customers get 2/3 samples from the factory before going ahead with the full order. In fact, for certain products it can be necessary to get multiple samples and you should factor this in the your budget. Sample cost is factory prescribed but we normally estimate it to be the individual unit cost multiplied by three. Prototyping is part of the sampling process.

Operation Management

You are responsible for getting inventory from you or your manufacturer to a eComhub facility, and eComhub shipping service can also help to coordinate freight or LTL shipments. We will do our best to help!

You can easily track your inventory in eCom system. We provide up-to-date reports service detailing quantity over time and across locations. We also regularly check inventory levels within our warehouses via cycle counts and will notify you of any discrepancies accordingly.

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