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eComhub fulfillment services are responsible for inventory receipts, inventory safety storage, item picking, packing, order shipping, and product return operations.

Your order fulfillment process is responsible for all picking, packing, shipping, storage, and product return operations. A reliable order fulfillment service should be the quiet, yet crucial, and catalyst to your business’s success. That’s where eComhub fits into the picture. We partner with you, design a custom solution, and execute your business’s order fulfillment process.

eComhub international fulfillment services allow you to deliver to your customers quickly and cheaply. Our fulfillment centers make your inventory management easy and your customers happy.



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On-time and accurate order fulfillment services are essential to your eCommerce company’s success. Every mis-pack or mis-shipment is money out of your pocket in a short time and possibly decreases your online store customer satisfaction in a long time.

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How does eComhub order fulfillment work

Once you have settled an agreement with eComhub, you can arrange to ship bulk inventory to our fulfillment center. When receiving inventory, fulfillment centers typically rely on barcodes, including UPC, GCID, EAN, and ISBN codes, to distinguish between various products. The fulfillment center will also tag the product’s location in the storage facility to easily find and package the product when your customer orders.

eComhub can integrate with major eCommerce platforms to immediately receive the order information from your customer’s purchase. 

eComhub also has other communication methods such as single-order reporting or the option to upload multiple orders in CSV format.

When the order detail arrives at eComhub system, the items need to be located and collected. Once gathered, eComhub associates will pack the products into proper packaging material. Then stick the shipping labels, the orders are ready to handle by 3PLs.

eComhub will provide a daily inventory report to you by the end of daily order operation. And the information allows you to manage your inventory. The eComhub system is helpful to track daily, weekly, and monthly sales data and estimate when inventory levels will need to replenish.

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