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We are passionate about creating a direct link between beautifully manufactured goods and your customers, free from any sourcing commission. Our team has no minimum order quantity, and the service from your request through to order fulfillment is a rapid process. We are here to make it easier than ever for brands to offer quality products at a fraction of the cost.

All products are seamless, legging, yoga pants, capris, fitness legging, yoga clothing. Products can fully meet your online store.

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♦Private Labels: Keep your products unique and order exclusive designs that you can call your own. If you’re looking to sell sportswear that is specific to a single brand, we’re more than happy to create new designs and manufacture them just for you. Now your customers can gain access to something that no one else has.

♦Custom Branding: It’s time to get the recognition that you deserve! If you have awesome branding that’s dying to be shown off, why not create yours with a logo that gets your name out to the world?

♦Printed Leggings: Just because you use one of our stunning designs, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Come up with a stylish print and send it to our team. We’re ready to add the finishing touch they’ll adore.

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What Are Seamless Leggings?

We knit our fabrics in a circular pattern before cutting them and re-stitching. That means your clients can go hard in the gym without worrying about any weak points coming loose when they need them most.

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Our team offers efficient and fully serviced drop shipping for eCommerce sellers. Let us know what you’re looking for, we’re happy to adapt to your requests, no matter how creative they may be.

How We Can Help You

With years in the industry, we know that it’s hard to get a start-up moving. That’s why our team has agreed to send goods on a pre-pay basis. Feel free to make orders and repay your debts as sales come in. We want your company to be a success no matter your cash flow situation.

Make Them Your Own

Just because we make your products doesn’t mean they aren’t original. Let our team know what you look for in leggings and we will come up with a line just for you. Once you’ve purchased a new style, it’s all yours.

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Stunning Designs Crafted With Outstanding Materials

Our expert design team has years of experience in the industry creating outstanding outfits. We like to move with trends and keep our fingers on the pulse, so you can be sure that you’re always in style.

Comfort is key when it comes to quality sportswear — that’s why we are always on the hunt for cozy fabrics your customers will adore. The stretchy and hardwearing materials ensure a perfect fit for years to come.

Unique Design And Manufacturing

Our team can ensure that these products are new to the market with creative touches no-ones seen before. Get ready to boast a new range that none of your competitors has access to.

We take our time when formulating the shape and aesthetic of all our goods in order to come up with a look that pushes the boundaries of sportswear. Now you can get your hands on gorgeous goods with exceptional functionality without breaking the bank.

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We introduce the world’s most advanced Italian Santoni seamless underwear machine to make legging, yoga pants, and underwear.

Our manufacturers are determined to create sports leggings that far outshine the rest. With a careful eye for quality and focus on punctuality, you’ll always get top-notch products on time!

Seamless Santoni Knitting Machine
Knitting Machine Workshop
Sewing Workshop

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