240ml Home Kitchen Electric Olive Oil Sprayer for Cooking




Product Description

Uniform atomization mode: The spray bottle can spray oils such as soybean oil, as well as water-based liquids such as vinegar and cooking wine for atomization effect.

Sub-atomization mode: Due to the viscosity of oil, oils with high viscosity such as peanut oil and olive oil occasionally form lines when sprayed



Electric olive oil sprayer for cooking

  1. One-button start, continuous fuel injection, no need to press repeatedly, saving time and effort
  2. The atomization size can be adjusted by itself
  3. Two spray modes, can be adjusted arbitrarily, mist spray and column spray
  4. Powerful electric turbo boost, delicate and high atomization
  5. Large-capacity rechargeable battery, rechargeable repeatedly, long working time


About This Item:

The design concept of MASHART electric oil sprayer is for the healthy diet of the human body, precise control of oil intake, and a healthy new life.

Our reusable electric Oil Sprayer adopts energy-saving motor technology, which can achieve uniform oil Sprayer with a one-button start, without pressing repeatedly, saving time and effort

Two spray modes: Rotate the oil nozzle to adjust the amount of oil mist, and precisely control the amount of oil when cooking different foods.

240ml oil bottle made of food grade PTE material, fill MASHART with your favorite oil, vinegar, lemon and lime juice, sherry or marsala wine; perfect for seasoning salads, breads or cooking.

Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11.5 × 25 cm

black, Green, White


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