Adjustable Electric Spray Bottle Automatic Watering Can for Outdoor Plants


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1. DURABLE: Holding electric spray can is made of premium ABS material, hdpe body, sturdy and durable thickened body, resistant to fall, and can be used for a long time.

2. TOUCH SETTING + CONTROL WATER OUTLET: Touch the button and rotate left and right to adjust the mode, you can start to work, reasonable control of the water intensity, the water is strong.

3. POWER DISPLAY: Automatic spray bottle is equipped with a power indicator light, according to the light situation, a clear understanding of the power level.

4. MULTIPLE DESIGN: Hand held design, comfortable grip, dual drive mode, easy to use. Waterproof design, soft rubber protection at the interface to prevent water ingress.

5. SUITABLE PLACE: It is suitable for many, such as disinfection, humidification of farms, flower spraying, household water spraying, etc., with strong practicability.



Item Type: Automatic Spray Bottle

Material: ABS+HDPE

Purpose: Electric Disinfection Spray Bottle

Battery Capacity and Type: Lithium Battery x1 (2000mAh) (Built in Battery Shipped)

Life Time: 4-6H

Double Drive Mode:

A: Long Press the Switch to Work, Release the Switch to Stop

B: Double Press the Switch Twice to Work, Press Once to Stop

Package List:

1 x Electric Watering Can

1 x Handle

1 x Data Cable

1 x Manual

3 x Spare Accessories

1 x Plastic Sprinkler



1. Do not exceed the maximum water level for irrigation

2. Do not fill corrosive solutions such as chemicals and pesticides

3. The product is equipped with a precision water pump and battery, please do not run idling without water

4. It is strictly prohibited to use while charging, so as not to damage the product

5. The product must not be used upside down after water is installed, so as not to affect the use of water flowing into the power head

(It is only suitable for spraying clean water. It is not recommended to spray chemical agents, because chemical agents are easy to chemically react with the watering can’s fixtures, which will cause corrosion, blockage, hardening and other damages to the watering can. If it must be used to spray chemicals, it is recommended to use it every time Clean the remaining liquid after completion to extend the service life of the spray can.)

How to use:

1. Add water to the kettle

2. Install the handle

3. Just press the button

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 27 cm


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