Japan Petio Cat Backpack Go Out Portable Cat Bag 13 Functions Foldable Pet Backpack Breathable Cat Cage


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  • Origin: JP(Origin)
  • Closure Type: zipper
  • Material: Polyester
  • Type: cats

Traveling cat backpack

Product parameter

Name: Multifunctional pet backpack
Raw material: surface: polyester; filler: polypropylene, polyethylene
Product Size:
Outside: about length 35 * depth 38 * width 30 (cm)
Inside: about length 33 * depth 35 * width 28 (cm)

Prevent cats from touching the zipper

Cats like to grab things, the zipper is easy to be broken away by the cat on the horizontal surface.The zipper design is slightly inclined to prevent cats from touching the zipper.

Bottom level design

Not easy to tilt, the cat is stable and comfortable.

Convection breathable pet bag

Pets are not stuffy, quiet and not noisy
Large three-dimensional space, healthy and non-stimulating, foldable for storage.

product detail presentation

1. The bottom cushion is removable
High-quality fabrics for cats to travel comfortably, diapers can be fixed, and towels are easy to clean.

2. Outer accessories lanyard

You can hang cat collar accessories to make cats travel beautifully.

▲3. Internal fortification escape buckle

The bottom of the backpack is equipped with an anti-escape buckle, which can buckle the cat leash.

▼4. Adjustable buckle at waist

Adjustable waist tightness for more comfortable travel.

5. Visual mesh window

When the cat wants to rest, you can put on the shading cloth, or put the shading cloth away so that the cat can absorb fresh air.

6. Carry with both hands

There are carrying handle straps on both sides of the backpack to prevent the cat from being frightened by the unstable tilt of the center.

7. Folding umbrella and water cup storage pocket

Concealed expansion layer can increase capacity by opening the zipper.

▲8. Large capacity storage pocket

There is a large-capacity storage pocket on the front of the backpack, which can hold snacks, diapers, towels and other items.

▼9. Bottom rivets

Five rivets are designed on the bottom, and the backpack can be fixed horizontally on the ground.

10. The fabric is easy to clean

11. Coolant storage pocket



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 38 × 30 cm


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