Permanent IPL Hair Removal Women Electric Epilator Photoepilator Depilation Kit 900000 Flash Depilator Facial Body Hair Remover


Product function

1.Remove the overlapping regin hair which is difficult for traditional hair removal method

2.Provide the gentle treatment painlessly and easily , without hurting the skin

3.No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion

4.Smaller size for Portable design and easy taken

5.Use the professional intensed pulsed light to target precisely.At melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow ability,which results in permanent hair removal

How to use the Laser Epilator ?

1.Clean the flash window, then shave the hair on your body and clean the residual hair

2.Shave and clean the surface hair,connect the power plug and cable and wear goggles to avoid glare

3.Start the device, choose the best suitable intensity level to hair removal

4.After finish hair removal, you should cool the skin using Ice water or a cold damp towel,you can use a toner to help your skin retain moisture after hair removal

• Using it after 1-2 Weeks (3 times a week): Hair grows slowly and pores become smaller

• Using it after 3-4 Weeks (2 times a week): thin hair, weaken spots and hidden pores

• Using it after 4-8 Weeks (Once per half a month or 1 month):Inhibit hair follicle regrowth, silky and delicate, don’t need to remove hair again


▷ The operation frequency times should be reduced when using high energy intensity level.It is strongly suggested you do not sure multiple times on the same part of skin. You should flash less than two times in succession only at one location.

▷ Use it scientifically, say goodbye to thick hair.

IPL Hair Removal Technique

• Hypnotic hair follicle

IPL pulsed light goes deep into hair follicles,then hair follicles gradually shrink under light and heat

• Hair loss

Hair follicle shrinks hair falls off naturally and grows slowly

• Inhibition of regeneration

Prolonged exposure long-term inhibition of hair growth,never rebound

Product information

1 x IPL Hair Remover

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x Plug

1 x Operation Manual in English

1 x Shaving knife

Shopping guide

1.Global trade (except for some remote areas), if the order is successful, you can wait for the receipt

2.Transportation time varies according to factors such as distance

3.Confrm that the delivery address and other information are correct before placing an order

4.Shipment after payment

5.If you have not received the goods one week later than our expected delivery time, please contact us in time

6.Any question,welcome to contact us freely,thanks

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Pink, Black, White

Plug Type

US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug


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