Waterpik PPR-252E Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment for Fast and Easy at Home Dog Cleaning


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EASY & EFFECTIVE: The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro professional grade dog shower unique wand shape provides full coverage to wash dogs of all sizes and types, plus convenient one-handed operation make bath time faster and easier for you and your dog

WATER SAVING WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Engineered for powerful rinsing performance, while using nearly 30 percent less water

WATERCOMB & NARROW SPRAYS: Contoured water combing spray provides maximum coverage and the power you need for shampoo removal, penetration of thick fur and double coats, and effective rinsing; targeted narrow spray – provides gentle cleaning and stress-free washing of sensitive areas

INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Install in your shower and easily switch between your shower head and the Pet Wand Pro; or you can connect to your garden hose with the included outdoor adapter and bathe your pup outside for a convenient and superior clean at home

COMPLETE BATHING STATION: The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro PPR-252 dog bathing system includes the Pet Wand PRO, 8-Foot Flexible Hose, Outdoor Hose Adapter, Suction Cup Hook, and Indoor Shower Diverter for a complete pet bathing station and superior clean at home CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Waterpik’s Fort Collins, Colorado support team is available to help with any product questions or needs

From the manufacturer

Pet Wand PRO

The Ultimate Dog Shower

Pet Wand PRO – The innovative bathing wand with multiple settings.

8-Foot Flexible Hose – Extra long for extended reach.

Indoor Diverter – For easy installation in your shower.

Suction Cup Hook – To hang the wand for lathering mid bath.

Outdoor Adapter – Connect to your outdoor hose.

Bathing Your Dog Just Got Easier

WaterComb Spray

A full-coverage, powerful spray that quickly rinses away dirt, shampoo, and suds.

Narrow Spray

A shorter spray that’s perfect for your dog’s hard-to-reach or sensitive areas.

Convenient Storage

Use the suction cup or diverter hook for storage during and after showering your dog.

Backed for a Lifetime

Waterpik guarantees the quality of our products.

Additional information

Weight 0.623 kg
Dimensions 35 × 16 × 7.5 cm

‎1.8 GPM

Item Weight

‎5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.5 x 1.5 x 13.5 inches

Included Components

‎Suction Cup Hanger, Shower Diverter, Outdoor Adapter, 8-Foot Flexible Hose, Waterpik Pet Wand PRO Dog Shower Wand, Instruction Manual


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