Pet Food Puzzle Toy

  • Weight: 0.12 kg
  • Is Battery Included: No
  • Shipping Method: Postal/Express
  • Color: Lake blue/Green/Yellow/American blue
  • Target Country: Worldwide

Product Description:

Food puzzles let pets work for their food by themselves and play in the process. 🐕🐱This method creates the illusion that they are hunting outdoor, which improves their flexibility and IQ. ↗

The Interactive Rotatable Wheel Pet Toy is a multifunctional food toy. You can easily remove the rubber on the top and fill cat food directly. The leaking hole will drop food when the pet is pushing. 

It also can easily attach to any surface, like wooden floors, walls, or even windows. In addition, it can be used both horizontally and vertically. So, you can change the position of the toy freely. 🤓✨
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