The best food puzzle for your indoor cat

the Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy

Every pet owner wants their cats to play and eat well at the same time. Entertainment is essential for indoor cats because they do not have much opportunity to try by themselves. In some cases, permanent laziness can cause health and behavioral problems too.

Fortunately, these issues can be avoided with a simple solution – the cat food puzzle. Cat owners find it helpful, and research shows that food toys are adequate for cat’s development. Generally, food puzzles let cats work for their food by themselves and play in the process. This method creates the illusion that cats are hunting outdoor, which improves their flexibility and IQ.

Because of these helpful features, we came across different types and styles of toys on the market. Well, that is good for the variety but complicates things while choosing the best food toy for your cat. However, we have got you covered.

This article will review the best cat food toy for your furry friend and answer the crucial questions: Why are food puzzles ímportant for cats, which is the best food toy and its main features. Let’s dive right in.

Why are food puzzles good for cats?

Cats are hunting animals. They have the skills to forage for food on their own, but instead, they are waiting impatiently for you to give them the meal. Maybe you should make them work a little harder for the prize? – Food puzzles can help.

While most cats eat food from the same bawl every day, you can create an exciting, hunting-like environment for your loved animal. The food puzzles are toys that hold a cat’s meal and require some activities to access it. Here are the main advantages of using food puzzles:

  • Entertaining function: Cats are entertaining while eating, and it occupies them during the day.
  • Dieting: Food puzzles are great for cats on a diet as it slows down the eating process.
  • Exercising: Indoor cats have the opportunity to exercise more.
  • Safe Indigestion: Cats can have a stomach ache while eating too fast. However, puzzle feeders protect them from indigestion.
  • IQ and mental health: Figuring out challenging puzzles is a great way to educate your cats and realize how smart they are.

In addition to these reasons, there are many other benefits to using food toys. Some cats have behavioral problems. This is especially true when our pet is extremely bored all day long. However, a food toy can entertain and tire the cat to no longer reveal behavioral problems.

If you are looking for a very first food toy for your cat, I suggest you choose something simple and entertaining at the same time. With all the above-mentioned advantages and affordable prices, the Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy is the best option.

What is the best cat food puzzle ?

There are different types of puzzle feeders on the market. However, when it comes to select the first toy, it should be easy and funny. Your cat should learn the game rules quickly and realize that he will be rewarded.

Every food puzzle can be grouped into two categories: rolling and stationary. In addition, they can be suitable for wet or dry food. In some cases, toys can be manufactured for both types of food. It is no surprise that rolling toys are more challenging and popular among pet owners. One of the best rolling food toys you can come across is the Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy.

This product has a robust suction cup with the main body. The structure is durable and has a modern design. On the main section, we see a wheel-shaped part with food leaking holes. It allows the cat to rotate the wheel vertically in 360 degrees by a slight push. In the process, the cat will have fun and access the food at the same time.

The Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy is a multifunctional food toy. You can easily remove the rubber on the top and fill cat food directly. The leaking hole will drop food when the cat is pushing. I suggest using this food puzzle with the dry meals.

Another essential feature of this product is that it can easily attach to any surface, like wooden floors, walls, or even windows. In addition, it can be used both horizontally and vertically. So, you can change the position of the toy freely.

the Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy

Top features of Leaking Cat Toy

  • Has a food-dispensing function: This toy has a rotatable wheel to produce food for your cat. After a few pushes cat will be able to receive a small amount of food and eat slowly.
  • Helps your cat with entertaining: At first, cats are intrigued with the toy. They do not know how it works, and it feels more fun to learn the game rules. It gets more and more exciting to play and get a meal as a reward. 
  • Has a training function: Indoor cats need more activities to learn hunting and become more flexible. The rotatable wheel leaking cat toy helps you to train your cat and teach him some hunting tricks. 
  • Relieves stress and anxiety: Being kept at home is so stressful for your pets. They need activities and entertainment. However, this food toy will help your cat feel at peace, without any stress and anxiety.
  • Improves cat’s IQ: The Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy is challenging and requires both mental and physical activities. That is why it is a great option to improve your cat’s IQ.

Final thoughts

Cats have different abilities and interests but all of them like playing and entertainment. Cat food puzzles are a great way to make them occupied and improve their skills. However, many cat owners make a mistake and buy numerous different puzzles at the same time. If your cat is not used to play with food puzzles, this will make him more confused. 

In the beginning, it is always better to try something intrigued and interesting. The Interactive Rotatable Wheel Cat Toy is an excellent option if your cat is new to food puzzles and you want to buy an easy and fun toy for your furry friend.

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