All You Need To Know New VAT Changes For European Union

Starting from 1st July, the new VAT policy will be implemented in European Union. How will the new rule impact your e-commerce business? How do e-commerce sellers need to prepare for these VAT changes? What does the difference between old and new policy? What is IOSS? The IOSS is Import One-stop Shop, it allows suppliersContinue reading “All You Need To Know New VAT Changes For European Union”

From Dropshipping to DTC, The Analysis of The Most Popular eCommerce Business Model

DTC the most puplar eCommerce business model When starting a business online, you have many choices. In addition to choosing the product you want to sell, one of the most critical decisions is the business model. In this article, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the eight main options to consider when starting aContinue reading “From Dropshipping to DTC, The Analysis of The Most Popular eCommerce Business Model”

Better to Know the New 2021 EU Customs Regulations

The new EU customs regulations in 2021 will be launched soon. Do you understand all these changes? The transition period after Brexit will end on December 31, 2020. After Brexit, the European Union also introduced new customs regulations. This article aims to allow you to fully comply with the requirements of safety assessment in theContinue reading “Better to Know the New 2021 EU Customs Regulations”

New eCommerce Trends in 2021

New eCommerce trends are coming, and these trends will help you seize new opportunities In the past 2020, too many changes have taken place, ranging from personal shopping habits to the global economic environment. These changes are destined to have a profound impact on our future. At the beginning of 2021, DHL Express has analyzedContinue reading “New eCommerce Trends in 2021”

2020 Incoterms®

What are Incoterms?        INCOTERMS(International Commercial Terms)are formulated by the International Chamber of Commerce(ICC) for domestic and international commercial matters. Incoterms are all the possible ways of distributing responsibilities and obligations between two parties. It is essential for buyer and seller to pre-define the duties and obligations for the transport of the goods. How do Incoterms® protectContinue reading “2020 Incoterms®”

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