Direct or Digital: The Dilemma and The Way Forward of DTC

Both Shopify and DTC seem to have been knocked down by relentless share prices and market caps immediately after a brief industry peak. Shopify has fallen from a high of $1,762 to a recent low of just over $700 and as low as $510. The DTC sector as a whole is down over 20%. TheContinue reading “Direct or Digital: The Dilemma and The Way Forward of DTC”

How to find the perfect dropshipping products

Choosing a product & niche is the first step in the Dropshipping commercial industry. It is a crucial part of the business, apart from the marketing work later. This is because the product will have a direct impact on our business. High potential Dropshipping products generally have the following six attributes: High Demand, High ValueContinue reading “How to find the perfect dropshipping products”

4 Tips | How To Build A Successful Shopify Store

This year has been a very fast-growing year for the Shopify store. The ongoing epidemic and Amazon’s increasingly strict opening policies have led to an influx of sellers into the Shopify market. However, there is still plenty of room for the Shopify store to grow. So, if you want to develop in this field ofContinue reading “4 Tips | How To Build A Successful Shopify Store”

Find A Quick Way to Do Marketing for Your Shopify Store

With the rise of the DTC (Direct To Consumer) model, running your business through Shopify has become a priority for cross-border sellers. Consumers’ visual Experience about a product is more likely to lead to an order. These consumers are curious, individualistic, and impatient and are more likely to shop from new sellers. Research shows thatContinue reading “Find A Quick Way to Do Marketing for Your Shopify Store”

Top 3 Reasons Why Leggings And Sportswear Dropshipping Are Worth It

Leggings have experienced something of a rebranding in recent decades. It was a period when leggings were only used in 80’s workout videos. However, nowadays, leggings belong to a new trend in fashion named athleisure. The whole idea of this concept is that sportswear is becoming a more central part of people’s everyday fashion options.Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons Why Leggings And Sportswear Dropshipping Are Worth It”

Double Your Profit with These Tips from Lululemon’s Success

The fitness trend has taken the sportswear market by storm, with sportswear brands, including Lululemon, launching leggings and some sportswear. Some new brands such as Keep and MAIA ACTIVE are launching new arrivals rapidly. With social influencer marketing, leggings and sportswear quickly sell over 10,000 items online. Lululemon’s share price has risen due to theContinue reading “Double Your Profit with These Tips from Lululemon’s Success”

Connecting Shopify Merchants With The TikTok Community

On last year, TikTok announced a global partnership with international e-commerce giant Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce platform. TikTok is going into e-commerce. TikTok officially announces its entry into e-commerce Shopify tweeted the official announcement: On the same day on Twitter, Shopify also posted a TikTok video with a few big blue letters saying: Shopify merchantsContinue reading “Connecting Shopify Merchants With The TikTok Community”

Brilliant Ideas For POD From These 5 Tiktok Products

TikTok has many young users with more personalized shopping needs, which has kept the POD (Print On Demand) product buzz high. Fossilized Dinosaur Poop Ring On TikTok, personalized jewelry is forever sought after by young people. A popular ring recently became a TikTok traffic sensation. The standout features of this product are purely handmade andContinue reading “Brilliant Ideas For POD From These 5 Tiktok Products”

Lessons From The Online Shopping Analytics

Consumers’ online spending is gradually increasing, with Amazon still their first choice for searching and buying products, and Walmart online shops are catching up. This article will describe the changes that have taken place at Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers and consumers’ preferences for advertising on Amazon. Online shopping and spending preferences The data belowContinue reading “Lessons From The Online Shopping Analytics”

How to Increase Online Store Traffic

Offsite promotion system bring traffic to online store  What is an offsite promotion on Amazon? Why we do offsite promotion is actually to help your listing bring accurate traffic, thereby allowing us to improve the quality score of on-site listing. The offsite promotion services provided by service providers on the market are heavy volume andContinue reading “How to Increase Online Store Traffic”

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