2021 eCommerce Seller Should Better Know Royal Mail

What is Royal Mail?

Royal Mail plc is the primary postal service in the United Kingdom. It provides postal delivery services to all 64 million inhabitants of the British Isles. They have a rich history, is credited with being the first to develop and put into practice the postage stamp.

The History of Royal Mail

The company was set up in 1516 under the subsidiary Royal Mail Group Limited that operates Royal Mail and Parcel Force Worldwide. Henry the VIII first appointed a guy to be called “Master of the Post”- this position was renamed later in 1710 to “Postmaster General”.

The Royal Mail service was first made available to the public by Charles the I on 31 July 1635 – with postage being paid by the recipient. The General Post Office was officially established by Charles II of London in 1660 after the restoration of the monarchy.

What shipping solution does Royal Mail Express have?

International Tracked & Signed

Added peace of mind for sending important or valuable items

International Tracked

Tracked to delivery point for peace of mind

International Signed

Tracking within the UK, and a signature on delivery

International Standard

An affordable service for everyday international mail

International Economy

For heavier parcels that don’t need to arrive in a hurry

When does Royal Mail deliver?

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm

Sunday, 9 am to 2 pm

If my customers are not in town, can they reschedule a delivery address?

Of course, they can. To set up a Redirection you will need:

– names and dates of birth of everyone in the household that needs their mail redirected

– address and postcode of both your old and new addresses

Size and weight guide – international letters and parcels

Packages are normally categorized based on their weight and sizes apart from the destination they’re being shipped to. International shipments have certain size and weight limits depending on the form of mail and the type of item that is being shipped.

Where is Royal Mail near me?

Royal Mail locations

Royal Mail customer services and support

Royal Mail network

Royal Mail operates a network of 37 mail centers (as of 2019). Each mail center serves a large geographically defined area of the UK and together they form the backbone network of the mail distribution operation. Mail is collected and brought to one of the mail centers. Mail is exchanged between the mail centers and then forwarded to one of 1,356 delivery offices, from where the final delivery is made or a P739 card is left.

How does Royal Mail label look like?

How do my customers tracking their shipments?

Royal Mail Tracking Number

Tracking number is a long line of numbers and letters, which you’ll find on your postage receipt or in the sender’s delivery message.

Below are sample tracking number formats for Royal Mail:






You can track your shipments in

Royal Mail



Happy shipping! If you have any questions about Royal Mail, feel free to let us know.

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