How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Business in 2023

For e-commerce sellers or dropshipping sellers (drop shippers), finding a reliable supplier can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. It can also make the website store or store on the platform run more smoothly and successfully. The number of suppliers is undoubtedly very large, especially in China. Product sourcing in China is complex because there are more than 100,000 trade companies and factories in China. But not every supplier is reliable, so how do drop shippers and eCommerce sellers choose the right one?

Product Quality

When your online store and website shop began to run for some time, to continue and stable development, you can not only focus on the immediate orders. ECommerce sellers need to focus on improving the repurchase rate, brand building, etc. And to do this, good product quality is the most basic.

The seller can assess the product in terms of product performance, product appearance, and whether there are defects. If the number of products is small, the seller can inspect the products after getting the goods. However, if the number of products is very large, then a sample quality inspection is required. If you are a dropshipping seller, you can also ask the supplier to send you a sample of the product to check the quality before selling the product.

Product quality is not constant. It may be that at the beginning, your product quality is good, but at a later stage, your product quality is instead very poor. This situation also exists. Therefore, sellers in the choice of a good supplier must also continue to pay attention to the quality of the product issues.

You can also choose a dropshipping agent to do stuff like this for you. Here at eComhub.net, our sourcing service ensures products from original factories, competitive product prices, free product sample offers, and product inspection before customer receiving.

Product Price

Product price is naturally a factor that sellers need to focus on when choosing a supplier. If the product price is too high, the seller’s financial burden will be heavier. So, most sellers give preference to suppliers who offer lower prices. But sellers should also note that if your supplier’s price is much lower than others, you should be extra cautious. After all, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Product Supply

The supply of products is also a consideration for sellers. If the capacity is limited, then once the seller got many orders, it will be difficult for suppliers to supply the goods. Of course, the higher capacity also means you will not be the only eCommerce seller suppliers offer, the seller’s initiative will be smaller.

Product Delivery Period

The seller should pay attention to the actual delivery time of the supplier in addition to the product delivery period given by the supplier. If the gap is too large, we recommend that you should not choose this supplier. The inability to deliver on schedule can easily lead to stock shortage and affect the normal operation of the online store.

We recommend dropshipping sellers look for a local dropshipping agent to provide service for you. In the case of the language barrier, without having visited the factory on-site, it is difficult to judge whether the factory has provided the service of dropshipping for you, or whether it meets your requirements.

Minimum Order Quantity

There is a certain difference in the minimum order quantity from one supplier to another. The vast majority of suppliers prefer buyers with larger orders. Asking for the minimum order quantity to see if it meets the requirements is the basis for the seller to start cooperation with the supplier. Of course, sellers can also get cooperation through other concessions.

Here at eComhub.net, we have no minimum order quantity. You can buy as much stock as you want and we will do our best to get the best competitive price for you.

For last, sellers in contact with suppliers should also consider the supplier’s service attitude and sense of responsibility. It can avoid some unnecessary trouble in the follow-up cooperation process.

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