3 Skills Help You to Find Hot Products From Facebook Ads

How to find the niche or hot products from Facebook ads?

Now, let’s take a look at the link to the following product:

This video has nearly 6k likes and 1.4k comments.

3 Tips to find the products from Facebook Ads

Tips 1. Finding new products from Facebook ads comments

Generally, find Facebook users who like to share or tag friends for the ads. Then you can discover new products they share before.

For example, the following screenshot:

You can see a shared comment randomly selected from all public shares of the sushi product advertisement in the screenshot. The Facebook user shared this ad on her profile and tagged her friend, who replied, “Love this.” The next step is moving to her profile page and hoping to find she shared the ads posts before.

After a while, we found this praiseworthy children’s sling product on her page, and the number of shares was huge.

After a quick search on Aliexpress, I found this product very similar to the product we saw in the original advertisement.

Remember, the products do not have to be the same. You can use whichever one is good because you can even find an upgraded version of the product you are looking for in many cases.

The product link

I continued to search, and I also found this post she shared on the homepage

This is a company that turns children’s drawings into unique jewelry. A quick search on Aliexpress will find that many sellers can do the same content.

The product link:

The following is an example I found in the advertising post, and soon I found a new product that can be dropship, such as this kitchenware.

The product link

Kitchen products mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Can solve customer problems

2. Not affected by the season

3. It is an impulsive consumer product

4. Variety of product types

5. Many novel products

The most important thing is that most restaurants in foreign countries have closed their business in light of the current situation of the epidemic. Many people have switched from dining in restaurants to cooking at home, staying in the kitchen longer than in the past.

Therefore, more people will buy kitchen-related products, from material preparation (various kinds of vegetable cutting tools, vegetable washing tools) to cooking (good-looking cooking utensils) and baking (decoration nozzles, cookie models) to the final serving or storage (tableware, crisper), countless explosive products are waiting for you to choose.

Tips 2. View Facebook ads comments

When it comes to advertising, I usually do when I find an ad on Facebook to check the recent comments to see how good the ad is.

If I find that it has many recent reviews, as you can see in the screenshot above, this is a good sign that the product may also become an explosive product.

For example, the picture below:

Therefore, if you find that a product has many reviews recently, my suggestion is to try to put it on the shelves through analysis, and it meets the requirements of the product selection.

The user’s interaction in the comments reflects the customer’s interest in the product, which also represents the real needs of the users.

But at the same time, it must be noted that we cannot know how much the product is sold or how much the original seller spent on advertising.

You can find that a product has many recent reviews but average sales. On the other hand, a product that has fewer recent reviews has more sales. Everything is possible, so it is more necessary to test and verify.

Tips 3. Observe the Facebook pages liked by others to discover a new niche and good products

There are two ways to choose products:

1. First look for products, then look for customers

2. Find customers first, then products

Next, let’s talk about how to find customers first and then find products.

One of the fastest ways to find popular products is by observing the favorite pages of people interacting with the ad. In most cases, public archives will show your favorite pages and interests to everyone. If a profile does not offer a favorite page, change it.

In the screenshot above, you can see the favorite page of a user I randomly selected. We can see animal pages, Christian pages, etc. I usually look at pages that others have liked. There are three main reasons:

1. If I plan to sell the same product or different products on the same niche, I need to know what interests/pages I should target. By looking at the interests/ pages users like, I can find people with the same interests and like-minded people.

2. Find a new niche; there are not so many drop shippers for sale. The first is better.

3. Find exciting products on the page to do dropship; usually, at least one page sells things, so I can find them and get some ideas.

The following is an example. I randomly clicked on the favorite page and found a page.

This is a themed account of a rural lifestyle. There are a group of target groups who love rustic decoration style very much. You will find some very cool products that you can sell to this niche crowd.

You can filter the best-selling products or directly follow their posts to see which product they are mainly focusing on, and then find the same or similar products on Aliexpress.

Don’t just focus on the high-like comment page, but also pay attention to other pages. Sometimes a page with 500 likes may also be a hot product.


Product selection is not one-sided, and you cannot choose products alone. You need to look at the user’s online feedback and concerns and convert users’ concerns into product selection criteria to be more effective.

Social media is a gathering place for real customers and feedback information. Pay more attention to details such as user behavior and comments, and cultivate your sensitivity to the market.

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