Hot Items of 4 Key Electronics Sub-categories in 2022 Q4

The electronics category has always been a key selling category on all platforms. In the post-epidemic era, consumer electronics sales are on the rise. To stay competitive, it is imperative to keep track of hot product trends and explore potential opportunities.

This article will focus on mobile phones, tablets and accessories, computers and accessories, photography and video, games, and video games. From key categories, and hot product selection to pop-up strategies, we will help you achieve your pop-up goals.

Electronics Category: Mobile Phone Accessories & Tablet Accessories

Category Insight

As the largest single category in electronics, accessories have been at the top of the Hot 100 list for years. The category has been growing rapidly in recent years, not only ranking top in last year’s sale but also winning the Top 5 in the first half of 2022!

Among the products in this category, mobile phone accessories and smart wear are the hottest sellers, while the tablet periphery still has large growth potential.

Mobile phone accessories & parts

These items are in high demand in various markets and sales are growing steadily year on year. For international brands, sellers can expand their business opportunities by expanding into multiple markets. Domestic brands, need to develop brand differentiation strategies based on market preferences.

Smart Wearable

Smart wearable products are growing rapidly in various markets. Waterproofing, pedometer, and heart rate monitoring are the basic functions of smart wearable devices. Photography, lighting, and other functions are not yet popular.

Currently, most of these products on the platform focus on “decorative”. So it would be beneficial for sellers to improve the functionality of their products to increase profits and achieve differentiation.

Hot Products

The accessories category in Europe and the United States, Brazil, and other markets mainly focuses on business simplicity style, product color to a solid color, transparent. The Southeast Asian market is mainly in the cute style, with common prints and cartoon elements.

From the hot-selling products, mobile phone cases are favored by consumers in various markets and have become the ultimate hot products. So, we suggest that phone case sellers enhance their independent design and processing capabilities. And also need to capture style trends and quickly update products and price competitiveness.

Electronics Category: Computers & Accessories

Category Insight

Sales in the computers and accessories category grew steadily in the first half of 2022 and continued to rise. However, consumer buying preferences and selling points of hot categories varied widely across markets.

The Southeast Asian market favored cost-effective, frequently used peripherals for everyday use. For example, laptop cases, laptop stands, etc.

The Latin American market favors higher-priced, professional data storage and computer accessories. Examples include USB sticks, memory sticks, etc.

Hot products

The computers and accessories category is a key product that sellers should focus on because of its high unit volume and high sales. Sales of such products are growing rapidly in various markets around the world.

Among the many hot items, laptop stands and USB sticks are frequently seen as top-selling items with high demand. In addition to keeping up with trends, sellers can also use advertising to drive traffic and measure products.

By analyzing advertising data and adjusting advertising selection, sellers can test out potential products. In addition, high unit price products can be stationed in overseas warehouses to create price advantages.

Electronics: Camera and Video Games

Category Insight

At present, the professional and entertainment-oriented photography and video games category is promising. In the first half of 2022, the sales of the photography and video games category rose steadily.

Among them, smart surveillance equipment, as a new strong category, has seen high order growth. For example, the Brazilian market saw an average daily order volume increase of approximately three times in June 2022 compared to 2021.

With the upgrading of consumption, drones and their accessories with a high customer price per unit also show high growth potential.

Hot products

The category is high in volume and growing fast in various markets around the world. In particular, the average daily unit volume of photography and video games in the Brazilian market rose by approximately four times.

Among the hot items in photography and videography, wireless cameras stood out and were favored by consumers. In terms of selection differentiation, premium drones are a high potential hot seller in the Brazilian market.

And with the prevalence of live-streaming activities, lighting and live-streaming stand related to live-streaming were also hot sellers. In the gaming category, portable and easy-to-operate mini-game consoles were hot selling items.

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