Winning Kitchen Appliances Cannot Be Missed in 2022

In recent years, kitchen appliances have been maintaining a good upward trend, especially in the healthy living and sophisticated living categories. Air fryers, coffee machines, and so on are gaining more and more popularity among consumers.

These kitchen appliances are getting smarter and smarter. Greatly improving efficiency and making the cooking process easier. These appliances reduce consumers’ time in the kitchen while getting better output.

We conclude some high potential categories for kitchen appliances in 2022, including air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, and mini-fridges.

Here we go!

Air Fryer & Oven

The market for air fryers and ovens reached US$4 billion back in 2019. Differences in cooking methods and habits have led to differences in how consumers buy small kitchen appliances in the category. Consumers love fried food but are also health-conscious. Air fryers, with the slogan of less oil and better-tasting food, have become the kitchen appliance of choice for consumers.

Ovens have long been an integral part of customer’s life, taking on the main responsibility of cooking desserts and meats. At the same time, as more people choose to cook at home due to the epidemic, air fryers and ovens have become favorites for small kitchen appliances, achieving high growth.

It is important to note that the family lifestyle of consumers in different markets also determines the market demand for different capacities of air fryers and ovens. Air fryers of 10L and above are more popular in the US UK Germany due to lifestyle reasons such as a preference for get-togethers and larger family units. The French Italian Spanish market, on the other hand, is more popular for capacities of 3-10L.

In terms of product development, higher-priced products are beginning to develop into multi-cookers. The products have the functions of air fryer, fryer, grill, microwave, etc., and come with a recipe, touch screen, grill, baking tray, etc. Smart control is another prominent feature, through the APP consumers can customize the cooking time, food types, recipes, etc.


Nowadays, consumers are more used to automated cooking appliances for food preparation. There are various products such as those that specialize in whipping egg whites, mixing dough, grating meat, and so on.

The market for chef machines and blenders has reached US$3 billion by 2021. The market for juicers will reach $2.3 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 1.9%.

Similar to air fryers and ovens, the capacity and material preferences for these small kitchen appliances vary from market to market. For example, consumers in Germany prefer stainless steel and large-capacity chefs and blenders. In contrast, consumers in France, Italy, and Spain prefer retro colors and relatively small capacities.

In terms of product development, blenders and chefs tend to have multi-functional and multi-accessories (chopping, grinding, kneading, creaming, beating, and stirring).

The juicer is moving towards a higher juice yield with a slow juicer, a raw juicer, and a fully automatic cold press. LED displays and multi-speed control are also more popular.

Coffee Makers

The coffee machine has always been a very large market. According to reports, the global market for coffee machines will reach $6.36 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%.

The hot-selling coffee makers can be divided into the following four broad categories: Automatic/Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines, Capsule Coffee Machines, American Drip Machines, and Coffee Grinders.

The following lists the selling points of the different coffee machine categories as well as the hot-selling price range.

Automatic/semi-automatic coffee machines

LED touch screen, multi-speed grinding, water filter cartridge, various coffee options, high-pressure brewing, temperature selectable, steam milk froth, temperature visible.

Pod & Capsule coffee machine

15-20 bar extraction pressure, steam milk froth, automatic stop for water shortage, cup size memory.

Filter coffee machine

Automatic insulation, drip-proof, removable for cleaning, adjustable strength, multi-purpose.

Coffee grinder

Multi-stage grinding, timed and dosed, fast grinding, retains freshness.

Mini Refrigerator

Home refrigerators and refrigeration equipment for chilling drinks are a necessity. But features like large size, large weight, heavy transport, and hard installation of the traditional refrigerator are not very friendly to cross-border sellers. All sellers can consider mini-refrigerators, car refrigerators, etc. At the same time, because of the extremely hot weather in the last two years and consumers’ desire for the outdoors, mini-fridges and car fridges have seen a relatively sustained increase in sales.

At the same time, some sellers have also launched beauty refrigerators. These are mainly aimed at the young female segment. With “cosmetic refrigeration” as a selling point, they opened up new consumer scenarios. Beauty fridges are more colorful and the internal compartments are more suitable for the storage of cosmetics. These refrigerators are generally smaller than 10L.

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