Oral Care Product- High Potential Category Recommendations

Oral health and dental aesthetic issues are becoming more and more of a topic of concern for young people. When the Z-era gradually becomes the main consumer group, its lazy economy, personalized, intelligent, professional, and other consumer labels coincided with the demand for oral care and cleaning. It allows oral care and cleaning products to usher in a growth opportunity.

Unlike previous years when Philips and Oral B dominated the oral cleaning market. Many brands are also building on product development and product upgrades. They break the monopoly advantage of the above two leading patent layouts in the early years. Continuing to tear up the international market and are gradually opening up the market in a highly competitive market.

Oral care product’s explosive growth

In the past two years, oral care cleaning products have been growing at a phenomenal rate on major platforms. Data shows that in 2020, electric toothbrushes and flossers saw explosive growth in a number of overseas markets, including Europe and the Middle East. Among them, France has seen year-on-year growth of over 140%, Germany’s 160%, Poland’s 90%, and Saudi Arabia’s over 420%.

Three reasons for the explosive growth

In the wake of the epidemic, overseas consumers who had migrated online began to try more Chinese brands and products. Chinese brands are also using e-commerce platforms to bypass the lengthy offline channel rollout and open up e-commerce channels to reach overseas consumers. Oral care and cleaning products have also taken the opportunity to go overseas. These products have disrupted the established market pattern and brought about a round of reshuffling, making them a strong category for Made in China.

China has a well-manufactured supply chain. The ultimate price-performance ratio makes the going abroad for Chinese oral cleaning care products no accident.

The technological precipitation, accumulation, and innovation of Chinese manufacturing are constantly breaking through the patent barriers of foreign giants and building their own competitiveness. As a result, Chinese brands have been able to compete with internationally renowned brands.

Combining their technical advantages, Chinese companies have been exploring new oral care technologies and developing oral care products suitable for the market. They have obtained a number of international safety certifications such as UL, CE, and GS. Their products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

Oral care is becoming an immediate need as consumption escalates

With the popularization of scientific dental care knowledge, and the double increase in income levels and consumer upgrades. Oral care cleaning products gradually become the immediate need to improve the quality of life of individuals.

In addition to consumer concerns such as cleaning power, noise, and ease of portability. And pain points such as allergies and bleeding gums, companies currently need to focus on these needs:

Functionality and comfort

The development of functional products that meet the needs of customers will remain the main direction of research and development. In addition, how to make the products give consumers a truly comfortable, healthy, and professional experience is the aim and goal of innovation for companies.

Diversified needs

As the toothbrush consumer experience continues to escalate, more and more consumers are shifting from a focus on practicality and cheapness to functions such as newness, beauty, and health. The proportion of specialized products with various features will grow. Product design will have to be more suitable for different consumers.

Intelligent functions

The development of IoT technology has brought about intelligent changes to traditional industrial products. Oral cleaning products, as a kind of product used by users on a daily basis with high frequency, have also emerged as an intelligent trend.

Take the smart electric toothbrush as an example, as an intelligent hardware device, it combines the Internet of Things, big data, and other advanced computer information technology to make the human-computer interaction more intimate and excellent, making the brushing experience better. And it has played a role in solving users’ oral health problems and guiding and supervising them to develop proper brushing habits.

Product recommendations

Sonic electric toothbrush

Self-locking anti-touch: effectively prevents wasted power caused by accidental touching of the buttons and accidental interruptions during toothbrushing.

Start-up anti-splash: After start-up, the vibration frequency gradually increases within three seconds to prevent toothpaste from splashing.

Noise control: New architecture optimizes noise control, a new NVH benchmark for sonic toothbrushes, with 60dB super silence.

Pressure sensing: when the user brushes too hard, the LED light and vibration alert and automatically reduce the amplitude to ensure a scientific and healthy brushing effort.

Children’s tooth flosser

Cartoon design and fresh color scheme to suit the preferences of the children’s market.

Ergonomically designed to fit the palm of a child’s hand.

Three flushing modes: gentle, pulse, and clean. To match the different stages of oral care needs of novice, intermediate and professional.

Portable flosser

The three-second gradual activation function provides acclimatization time for the mouth to avoid gum discomfort.

Customized mode: with a choice of multiple water pressure levels from 10 to 90PSI, the user can select the most comfortable water pressure strength / USB Type-C port four-hour quick charge.

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