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EComhub.net is a fulfillment company that specializes in processing orders, shipping goods for other businesses, and handling product return operations. In other words, our fulfillment center helps companies to save time and resources to grow their business. Generally, fulfillment describes all the processes connected to receiving orders, packaging, and delivering to the customers.

Bur How does this whole process actually work? Many people wonder – what is the use of fulfillment centers? What steps do they usually cover? Are they even worth the cost?

In this article, we will answer all the questions above and explain the working process of the eComhub fulfillment center.

Fulfillment process of the eComhub.net

Inventory receipt process

The records of the inventory items that you received from suppliers are called inventory receipts. It does not matter whether items are with or without inventory receipts, they must be recorded before any purchase invoices are created and paid.

  • If you start a partnership with eComhub, you can ship any inventory to our center. We will sort the products according to the barcodes like GCID, EAN, UPC, and ISBN. In addition, we also simplify the process by tagging the product’s location in the storage facility. This helps us to find items quickly and send them right away.

inventory safety storage

Inventory storage is essential to long-term business success. If you do not look after your stock properly, the risks of getting them lost or damaged increase. That is why fulfillment centers follow strict safety regulations in their warehouses.

  • With the help of eComhub, you can have daily inventory reports and a list of operations. This makes the whole process more reliable and allows you to be in the center of operations. Also, you will have the opportunity to track data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Pick, pack and ship

The picking process is when the fulfillment center collects order items from stored inventory. They check the information and go on with the packing process. This is the time when safety is crucial than ever. All the items should be packed accordingly to minimize the damaging probability. Finally, it is time for the shipping stage. The fulfillment center weighs orders and labels them for shipment.

  • Our fulfillment center ensures that every order is checked in detail. After the eComhub.net system receives the information, every item gets collected. Do not worry about the packing process, as we use proper packing materials for each order. Finally, your customers will get orders on time, and the whole process ends smoothly.

Product return operations

Sometimes your customers might want to return purchases. Thanks to the fulfillment center, this operation gets so simple both for you and your customers. When customers ship their unwanted items directly to the center, you have the opportunity to define further instructions. For example, these goods can be added back to inventory, or be discarded.

  • EComhub fulfillment services are covering product return operations too. Returns management is part of our main services, which makes the whole process convenient for your customers.

Safety and security in eComhub.net

Safety is number one when it comes to the fulfillment center working process, as workers have to use potentially dangerous equipment and heavy objects every day. In addition, a safe environment increases fast shipping, so it is beneficial for everyone.

The eComhub.net provides a safe environment for inventory and operates with 100% transparency. Our main duty is to protect both the inventory and warehouse workers. Creating safer conditions in Fulfillment centers is complicated, but there are plenty of things we can follow. The whole space of eComhub.net is secure and efficient for the working process.

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