How does the fulfillment center’s performance help online businesses grow

We always hear that fulfillment centers can help the business to develop and grow eventually. However, Measuring the fulfillment center’s performance is the key factor for your business improvements process.

When you know which factors are responsible for your fulfillment process, you will know more about the state of your supply chain. But how should you start measuring?

Below we will discuss 3 key points that are essential to measuring fulfillment center’s performance. Though warehouses all vary in their objectives, many of the same factors apply. You can use them to keep your business on track and avoid help numerous problems before they arise.

TOP 3 factors to evaluate the fulfillment center performance

On-time fulfillment

On-time fulfillment means that customers get their packages at the right time, and they are not late. risk customer dissatisfaction. Fulfillment planning should ensure that each step of the process goes smoothly, which means that customers should receive their correct order on time.

It is well known that 24 hours on-time fulfillment provides a better customer experience because after the order is fulfilled customers will receive the notification email. When customers don’t get the email after 24 hours, they perceive it as bad service.

Tracking the on-time fulfillment process will tell you how effective you are with getting shipments out on time. If your percentage is too low, it means that the delivery process needs improvement. So, it is always a better choice to find a suitable fulfillment center to help you out.

  • How can you improve on-time fulfillment?

By partnering with eComhub, you will get a same-day order fulfillment service in 24 hours. This is an essential factor for your business improvement as you will have a better user experience and more loyal customers.

How does the fulfillment center's performance help online businesses grow

Order fulfillment accuracy rate

Order accuracy rate means the number of orders that are delivered accurately out of all orders. If you want to calculate the order accuracy rate, you should divide the number of accurately fulfilled orders by the total number. After that, you can multiply the obtained number by 100 to get a percentage.

Order fulfillment accuracy rate is a crucial metric because if the percentage goes down, then you may have problems with returns, shipping time, and of course, dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, A high accuracy rate helps you to improve the customer experience. Also, it will save you the labor cost for the customer service team. Finally, you will not have to spend extra money on returning shipping and operational processes.

  • How can you improve the order fulfillment accuracy rate?

Because we have already realized how important it is to have a high order fulfillment accuracy rate, you should start looking for a fulfillment center with high accuracy. Fortunately, our team at eComhub.net is ready to help you, and we keep a 99.97% accuracy rate, 3 years in a row.

How does the fulfillment center's performance help online businesses grow

Fulfillment without holidays off

Holidays are the essential period for eCommerce businesses as so many products are selling. In other words, holiday fulfillment operations can be the key to success for your online shop. So, here comes the question – should your fulfillment process works on holidays too? However, the answer is only one option, yes.

As you know, there is a difference in the date of holiday between countries. So, if your company will not continue the fulfillment process, it will create some problems for the customers from other countries where there is no holiday at that moment. However, non-stop fulfilling service will help you to get more profit and grow your business.

  • Do you want to get non-stop fulfilling service?

Not every fulfillment center works on holidays. However, eComhub.net offers you non-stop services and normal operations even on holidays.

By doing these 3 things well, you will have high customer satisfaction, lower refund requests, and more time to build your brand. With the help of eComhub.net, you can have a better customer experience and increased profit.

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