2021 Facebook Ads Strategies Round 1

2021 Facebook Ads strategies

If you are running Facebook ads, the following common questions about Facebook ads may help you. You can also collect those Q&A as training material for newcomers to your company.

Q: How does Facebook Ads charge?

A: The charging methods for most advertising are CPM and CPC, and a small number of advertising targets can be charged according to CPS or CPA (10-second video views).

Q: Will payment options also affect Facebook ads performance?

A: No, your choice will not affect the average cost of a single optimization event.

If you choose to pay for more frequent events such as display times, budget usage adjustments will usually be smoother.

You might choose to pay by impressions so that you can spend your budget evenly and get the best results.

If you pay according to events that occur less frequently (for example, app installs), it may affect the advertising budget usage.

The reason is when you choose average delivery, the system will deliver ads evenly throughout the entire delivery period so that the budget will be spent evenly.

The even distribution of the budget is directly related to the time and method of budget expenditure.

If you choose events that occur more frequently (e.g., impressions), you will be charged more frequently (“more balanced”), and the amount will be smaller. If you choose an event with a lower frequency, the fee will be lower, and the amount will be large

When the frequency of events is drastically reduced uncontrollably, it isn’t easy to spend the budget evenly.

Lowest cost bidding: When choosing this strategy, Facebook will bid with the lowest single optimization event cost as much as possible to obtain the optimized event for the ad group and spend it at the end of the day or the end of the ad group (or campaign) schedule.

And you can also set a “bid limit,” which determines the maximum bid amount we can use to bid.

Target cost bidding: When choosing this strategy, Facebook will obtain optimization events for you while keeping the average cost of a single optimization event as close as possible to the target cost you set. This strategy only applies to campaigns whose marketing goals are potential customer development, app installs, conversions, or catalog promotions.

Q: After increasing the campaign budget, why is the result not satisfactory?

A: It is not recommended to increase the ad budget too much at one time. You can divide ads cost, then increase several times according to the daily performance to prevent the ads from collapse.

For example, in an audience with a fixed number, your target audience is only 1,000. You want to increase your sales by increasing your budget and suddenly increase from $100 to $1,000.

In order to spend all of your money, Facebook will target a new audience group. However, this new group is not your potential audience, which will cause your optimization direction to go wrong and eventually lead to advertising collapse.

Q: How many times do you increase the budget per day, and how much should you increase per time?

A: You need to observe the changes in the result. If the result is what you want, it’s okay.

Q: What does happen? The campaign results performed well on the first and second days. Starting on the third day, performance is bad.

A: The target audience is not the same as every day, and the behaviors or shopping desire are different between morning and afternoon. So at the beginning of the campaign, Facebook launched the learning stage, this stage helps Facebook to know your audience and delivery better results to you. So the results of the beginning fluctuate.

Facebook ads optimization is not according to one-day performance, it combines 3 days or recent performance to rate the performance of the ads.

Q: A ad set performs excellently in the first few days but weakened afterward. Should I give up this set?

A: you can see expenses are under your control, and whether you want to keep to see the performance for a couple of days.

Or stop the set or campaign, and reopen a new campaign or set with adjustments for ads contents, audience, and ad sets.

Q: How much budget is considered significant increasing?

A: Generally, there is no problem with a 2-3 times increase. However, if you increase from $100 to $1000, or $2,000, this may happen.

Q: Should I set up Facebook ads running period or Facebook ads run all day?

A: The uneven spending in a certain period depends on whether the crowd is active during this time. It may also be related to festivals and events in the area where the audience is located.

For example, at the Brazilian Carnival, everyone will go to the streets to participate in the parade to watch the float performance, which will impact the local purchase conversion. It may also be related to time zone differences. I recommend that if you want to spend the same amount, you can set the advertising account in the targeted country’s time zone.

Q: How to improve conversion?

A: First, the order placement process should be customer friendly from Facebook ads to the checkout page.

Second, the payment channel works in target countries and areas. Like, customers want to pay by PayPal, credit card, or COD.

Third, The products are attractive or not.

Finally, your campaign audience target accuracy. The more precise the audience, the higher the conversion rate.

Q: How to improve Facebook ads skills?

A: The campaign settings of most online store types of ads are the same, and the most changes are in the audience settings and ads contents.

The delivery skills can be more to try some new positions or new advertising forms of Facebook. Many customers who put different types of products can always find surprises, such as Instagram stories, collections, PPE that everyone is investing in.

Q: What is the relationship between Facebook ads and CPM?

A: Cost per thousand doesn’t determine the cost of the ad, but ad quality will affect CPM performance.

Q: Which factors in the setting of Facebook ads will cause the CPM to be high or low?

A: All.

Q: Will the bad reviews affect ad performace?

A: Yes.

Too many bad reviews, the ad score will decrease, Facebook will reduce the ads impressions, and the number of CPM will be higher.

Why the same amount of money has different impressions?

Facebook judges that the ad has a higher score, which will give more impression to the ads. More impressions will drop the CPM (cost per thousand). So less impression causes higher CPM.

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