2021 Facebook Ads Strategies Round 2

2021 Facebook ads running strategies

If you are running Facebook ads, the following common questions about Facebook ads may help you. You can also collect those Q&A as training material for newcomers to your company.

Q: Is there a chance to change the post after it is posted?

A: After the post is sent out, only the editor can modify the post, but once you post it for advertising, it cannot be changed.

Q: After reaching the purchase requirement during the learning stage, why does the conversion drop?

A: The system displays, “The learning phase has been completed.” This prompt is just a system judgment. It will give the advertiser a signal and will not change anything about the Facebook ads. The system prompts that the ad will enter a relatively stable stage of delivery.

It doesn’t mean that this advertisement is perfect; we still need to look at the performance. Besides, 50 times optimization events are our general standard. Still, the actual number required for a particular ad group may vary due to its specific characteristics or market conditions at the time of launch.

If the conversion worsens, you can turn off the ads and optimize the audience to create new ads or copy the same ads or turn on the previously converted ads after a while.

Q: How to extend the life cycle of the product?

A: 1. The audience is as large as possible;

2. Test different ads contents;

3. Change the target country.

Q: How to optimize your Facebook ads campaign?

A: The setting of each level of the advertisement will affect the optimization direction of the ad.

The most critical impact depends on: bidding, positioning, content, and audiences.

Q: What is a schedule Facebook ads set?

A: schedule ads to run at a specified time and number of days. Only for lifetime budget

The distribution of advertising spent in a day depends on which period the audience is more active and will display more ads. The effectiveness of advertising cannot only be measured at a specific time of the day. FB’s advertising system is adequate for each display and can accumulate data to measure the next display’s direction.

Q: What is the customized audience?

A: You can use email address, mobile phone number, Facebook pixel, or SDK to create and save the Facebook ads target audience.

The created custom audience will be the core audience of your website. Facebook can also generate a lookalike audience based on the current audience.

Create a custom audience with at least 500 databases.

Q: What is bidding?

A: A bid is a number, which means you think the value of a specific user’s optimization event in the target audience.

We will set bids based on the bidding strategy you choose, including raising or lowering bids based on specific bidding conditions, it’s also called “equilibrium adjustment” bidding. (Only when the ad group’s performance is poor or choosing to accelerate delivery won’t evenly adjust the bid.)

If you want to give full play to your budget’s value, I recommend choosing the lowest-cost bidding strategy. If you’re going to maintain a stable average cost per optimization event, it is recommended that you select a target cost bidding strategy.

Q: Will the length of the content have any effect on CPM? How significant is the impact?

A: As long as there are no sensitive words, CPM will not be affected, but if the text area on the content exceeds 20% of the picture, it will affect CPM.

If the content is attractive, it will bring you better engagement to your ad to reduce your CPM.

Q: How to reduce CPM and improve conversion?

A: You can adjust the material, audience, and copywriting. Improve advertising-related scores. In the case of a high CPM, I don’t recommend running ads with increased budgets for fear that the ads will collapse.

After various optimizations, the CPM was reduced, and then the budget was increased.

If the single ROI is good, the CPM is also high. In this case, you can keep the ad first, copy or open a new group, lower the CPM, and then observe the data differences between these groups to decide whether to Reserved.

When the CPM is high and the ROI starts to decline, the advertisement can be turned off.

Q: Will be a conflict for the same content and audience in a campaign?

A: There must be a conflict.

This means you spend the campaign budget competitively or bid with yourself, increasing the CPC and CPM.

Q: Will the new account and the old account affect CPM?

A: Facebook will rate the ad account. For the old account, Facebook considers the quality of previous ads. And the Facebook page is the criteria for a new account.

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