How to Create a Perfect Online Store?

If you want to develop your brand. First, you must have a good online store name.

Let’s first look at the following online store names

Most of these brands have high sales and rankings. However, the names of these trademarks look awkward.

If you want to continue to develop your online store for a long time, a trademark that is pleasant, well-known, meaningful, and has no negative meaning is quite crucial.

In the future, if we want to make this brand a premium, we must give it a good name. Although the above Leggings are large in quantity, the prices are generally not high. You can hardly imagine a brand of leggings called “MoShengQi” (the first picture) in the United States will sell for 59.99 or even 79.99.

For another example, a person with a strange name, very outstanding, has contributed to society from time to time with scholarships. If you want the broad masses of the people or the industry to be known, perhaps you should have a stage name.

In the eyes of others, the above trademarks either know that they are in English but cannot read them; or they know the word but are meaningless.

What can I do to make a good online store name?

Everyone, take a look at the following trademarks:

Columbia is a famous trademark for outdoor products; it means the magnificent Columbia River in the Northwestern United States. Because the birthplace of this brand is in Oregon, the Columbia River is the boundary river that divides Oregon and Washington.

GMC‘s Yukon-a full-size SUV-feels like a bunch of FBI will rush out as soon as the door is opened, which means Canada’s icy and snowy Yukon province, symbolizing a rough feeling.

Rainier Coffee-Seattle local coffee brand Rainier Snow Mountain is the highest mountain in the continental United States, not far from Seattle. It can be a symbol of the place because Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, and coffee is one of the local business cards.

Jeep Cherokee-Jeep’s off-road vehicle brand, including Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. The original meaning is the name of an Indian tribe chief in Tennessee.

Kirkland-the famous vegetable market Costco‘s brand, covering a variety of products, food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Costco also originated from a satellite city near Seattle, so Kirkland was initially intended to be a beautiful satellite city along the lake near Seattle.

These three are the trademarks of the three systems of Apple Computer MAC; take these three systems as an example. They are Catarina, Yosemite, and Big Sur, all famous attractions in California where Apple is headquartered.

What are the regular patterns for an online store name?

If you want to get an authentic brand name, maybe you need to look through the map.

This trademark can be a city, a scenic spot, a mountain, a river, or a lake. The premise is that as long as the goods with this trademark do not represent this place.

Of course, there is a high probability that this kind of thing will not happen. For example, I believe you will not sell the delicious shad produced in the Columbia River and buy him a Columbia trademark.

Is it that simple? No. We should also pay attention to the following points:

1. The online store name cannot be too common

For example, name Springfield, there are hundreds of cities in the United States under this name

2. The online store name should not be too big

For example, it is best not to call it Denver brand down jacket, Los Angeles brand slippers, Mississippi brand ballpoint pen, Rocky Mountain brand tent. U.S. cities are small, even those big cities that are familiar to them. Usually, there are many satellite cities around a city, and these satellite cities are simply an extensive vocabulary. For another example, Kirkland mentioned above. Don’t look for big cities, big mountains, big rivers, and giant lakes, but smaller ones will be less likely to have the same name.

3. The online store name can’t be too sloppy

Many places in North America originally belonged to Native Indians. They named their hometowns and still use them today.

For example, Washington State has many such place names: Snohomish (a county), Snoqualmie (a mountain), Walla Walla (a city rich in grapes and wine). These pronunciations may seem okay to the locals, but people in other places will be confused when they see these words.

4. Don’t have bad connotations in the online store name

After finding such a place name, it is best to go to Google to check the name’s original meaning.

5. a proper brand name can also allow you to make up some store name stories.

For example, what I want to do is the category is outdoor products, take the name of a lake as your brand name, then this small lake can also tell a good brand story: a long, long time ago, there was an Indian teenager who did not want to do homework at home, every day he wants to go outside to explore, outside the window of his house is the XXXX lake

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