The Best Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard 2021

Laptops and mobile devices allow us to work from anywhere around the world, be it an airport lounge, coffee shop, or office space. That said, spending long hours slumped over your device can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also cause pain or long-term injuries – and that’s where this Portable Fold Wireless KeyboardContinue reading “The Best Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard 2021”

Why We Use a Hair Straightener Comb in 2021?

What’s a hair straightener comb? The hair straightener can be the fastest and most effective way to tame and style wild, curly, and curly facial hair. Also known as a heated beard brush, the best beard straightener will help you control and shape perfect facial hair. A straightening comb can not only help you straightenContinue reading “Why We Use a Hair Straightener Comb in 2021?”

All You Need To Know New VAT Changes For European Union

Starting from 1st July, the new VAT policy will be implemented in European Union. How will the new rule impact your e-commerce business? How do e-commerce sellers need to prepare for these VAT changes? What does the difference between old and new policy? What is IOSS? The IOSS is Import One-stop Shop, it allows suppliersContinue reading “All You Need To Know New VAT Changes For European Union”

Jade Roller Sourcing in 2021

What’s a jade roller? The jade roller is a beauty device made of jade or quartz, and it uses for facial massage. The history of jade roller can trace back to seventh-century China. And the jade treatment has been used for thousands of years in skincare. What’s the difference between a jade roller and aContinue reading “Jade Roller Sourcing in 2021”

2021 Top Fulfillment Center Around World

What is a fulfillment center? The terms warehouse and fulfillment center (or distribution center) are often used interchangeably but can have very different connotations. Both are large buildings that hold inventory for businesses that sell goods; however, the use cases and services provided are often quite other. Let’s break down each option to a betterContinue reading “2021 Top Fulfillment Center Around World”

2021 What is Canada Post?

What is Canada Post? Canada Post Corporation, trading as Canada Post, is a Crown corporation that functions as the primary postal operator in Canada. It is a premium shipping method that lets you get shipping rates from Canada Post’s latest Ratings API which handles both domestic and international parcels. The History of Canada Post OriginallyContinue reading “2021 What is Canada Post?”

2021 Freight Shipping Trends

What is freight shipping? Freight shipping is the process of transporting commodities, goods, and cargo by land, sea, or air. Freight itself can be defined as the goods transported by truck, train, ship, or plane. Four Major types of freight transportation No. 1 – Road or ground freight When using ground freight shipping, the twoContinue reading “2021 Freight Shipping Trends”

5 Tips for Choosing Reliable TikTok Legging Suppliers in 2021

What is TikTok legging? TikTok legging is called “Honeycomb High Waist Gym Leggings.” The fabric is “honeycomb textured” and “compression material.” Why TikTok legging becomes a trend in TikTok? Because the leggings have a V-cut hip line design in the back with the honeycomb textured and compression material to shape your bum and legs. CustomersContinue reading “5 Tips for Choosing Reliable TikTok Legging Suppliers in 2021”

2021 Top 3 Express Shipping Company eCommerce Sellers Should Know

What is Express Shipping? Express Shipping refers to expedited Shipping. Air couriers and provisions usually do it to make sure orders are delivered overnight or the next day. The Express Shipping Method is faster than the Standard Shipping Method, and the Express Shipping Method includes Post EMS, Commercial Express. It usually will take about 3–7Continue reading “2021 Top 3 Express Shipping Company eCommerce Sellers Should Know”

2021 eCommerce Seller Should Better Know UPS

What is UPS Express? The story of UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company, began more than a century ago with a $100 loan to jumpstart a tiny messenger service. How we evolved into a multi-billion-dollar global corporation reflects the history of modern transportation, international commerce, logistics, and financial services. Today, UPS is customer first,Continue reading “2021 eCommerce Seller Should Better Know UPS”

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