What is the best shipping method for your business?

Shipping goods successfully is one of the most essential parts of the customer experience. Online sellers want to pay less for the shipping, send the orders fast, and receive their items in perfect condition.

If your freight is traveling to another country, it might require several different transportation methods to get from one location to another. If you’re in a hurry or uncertain of your options, talking to a shipping expert like eComhub.net can resolve this confusion.

While there are numerous things to consider, the shipping process doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s take a look at the most common shipping methods that might be ideal for your business.

The Best Shipping Solutions From Ecomhub.net

Sea Freight

One of the shipping methods that you can use through ecomhub.net is sea freight. It is the method when goods are moving by ships through the ocean. Items are stuffed into boxes and then packed onto a vessel. This option is great for a big amount of stuff. A standard ship can move around 18,000 containers, which means that you can ship a high number of goods. Also, this method is cost-effective and comfortable for non-perishable items. However, the sea freight shipping method is not the fastest option out there.


  • Low shipping costs
  • Good for FBA


  • Slower method than others
  • Large product inventory requirements
  • Only delivers to the port or warehouse

Air Cargo

Air cargo is another name for air freight. It is the shipping method when goods are transported through an air carrier. Air cargo also operates in the same gateway as the business or any other airline. Ecomhub offers this shipping method for a high quantity of products, above 200kg. Although this method is a pricy than sea freight, it is still an affordable option.


  • Low shipping costs
  • Faster than sea freight
  • Good for FBA


  • Large product quantity requirements
  • Only delivers to the terminal or warehouse

Express shipping

Express shipping is the fastest shipping method and refers to expedited shipping. This method involves a fast freight process that helps the items to arrive smoothly. For express shipping, most of the companies use airlines or road transportation. The customers pay an extra shipping cost for express delivery, as the packages will get transported to them between 24 to 72 hours.

This is one of the most prestigious services from eComhub.net, which is perfect for documents, high-value products, and seasonal products. However, there is a weight limit of under 300kg.


  • Fastest delivery
  • 100% successful delivery rate
  • Guarantee for estimated transit time
  • Tracking opportunity


  • High shipping cost
  • Customers might pay the tax

Postal shipping

Postal shipping is famous as a regular shipping method, also known as standard ground service. Postal shipping doesn’t include overnight transportation or any unique provisions. However, this type of shipping is excellent for 3C, clothes, shoes, and accessories. Ecomhub.net offers to ship everything under 2kg. Also, this service is suitable for online platforms like Amazon FBM, Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay, and Wish.


  • Low shipping costs
  • Less destination dusty and tax
  • Tracking opportunity


  • Weight up to 2 kg for one parcel
  • Little bit slower method

Air cargo + postal service

The last service combines both air cargo and postal shipping opportunities. This shipping method is a little expensive than just postal shipping because of the additional features. Generally. this method is faster than the postal service and has lower costs than express shipping. Also, with this method, you can track the shipping process and pay fewer destination taxes.

How to choose the best shipping method?

The shipping process can determine the success of a business. So, when you choose the shipping method, you should be extra careful. First of all, you should think about what kind of product do you need to deliver then you should determine your available budget and choose the most suitable one. Ecomhub offers a wide variety of shipping solutions, so you can pick the best method from the list above.

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