How can shipping grow your online business

How Does Shipping Help an Online Business to Grow

An effective eCommerce shipping strategy could be the most beneficial decision to grow your business online. However, this might be too expensive for small business owners. This is especially true when you have to keep up with the expectations of modern consumers who are looking for fast and free shipping opportunities.

How you manage business shipping processes can make or break your business. With this said, it is essential to remember that being able to deliver fast and free shipping is crucial for gaining and keeping customers.

There are many questions about how the shipping process should be conducted. For example, should it be free or paid, branded or non-branded? We will answer all these questions below.

Free or Paid Shipping – Does it Make a Difference?

Online companies often wonder if there is a big difference between free and paid shipping. Free shipping indeed has an important impact on business and is becoming the norm with famous brands. The free shipping services are increasing day by day as it becomes a part of their shipping strategy. So, with free shipping, the customer will no longer be surprised.

However, you can still offer them a faster and more convenient delivery, for which they may even pay more. In fact, data shows that 84% of customers are content with free shipping, but 23% would pay an extra for fast shipping.

So, if you want to meet all your customer’s needs, you can offer them both free and faster shipping opportunities, as they are not contradictory. As for the options out there, eComhub is the perfect fulfillment center that offers a convenient shipping service.

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Is Branded Shipping a Good Choise?

Branded shipping is when companies put their logo on the box and let customers know who sent the package. Some organizations like to ship specific color or shape packages. Either way, you have only one chance to make a great first impression and shipping is the right opportunity for that.

The packaging is your customers’ first physical contact with your brand. So, do your packages tell a story of your brand? Does it inspire feelings for your customers? – Branded shipping is a great way to increase brand awareness.  In fact, 84% of customers except online shoppers will provide a branded shipping company like UPSP, DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

  1. When the packages are custom designed, they are protected better. So, it is less likely that they will damage while transportation.
  2. If your packages are beautiful and useful, customers will use them -either for storage or gifts.
  3. Finally, branded packaging will increase a positive attitude towards the company, which is ultimately reflected in the growth of customers.

How Many Shipping Options Do Online Shoppers Offer?

Delivery for online shopping has come a long way since the early days of eCommerce. Nowadays, most online shops offer a wide range of options to appeal to customers. As the eCommerce market has grown, customers’ expectations around shipping service and price have also changed.

According to 75% of experienced retailers, creating a flexible logistics network with scalability and multiple options is a priority. Online companies should not rely on one shipping option as it might not be a great solution for each customer.

Building diverse shipping options into your eCommerce strategy increases online conversion rates and the number of customers. If you let your prospects choose their preferable shipping option, they will trust your brand more.

What is the best shipping option for your online business?

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, it sometimes feels like you’re handing your brand over to a stranger. However, trustworthy fulfillment companies like eComhub.net can take full responsibility for your packages. eComhub.net offers flexible manded shipping solutions and a variety of logistic options that can help you handle the shipping process perfectly.

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