How to choose the best dog life vest for summer

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When you go swimming, your best friend also wants to come along. But while some dogs are natural swimmers, others need special equipment for safety. So, if you want your dog to have some fun with you in the lake – a dog life vest is a wise investment.

A dog life jacket will protect your furry friend, and let both of you have fun without worry. Even if your dog is a swimmer, it needs to be protected while kayaking, boating, or swimming in the pool. In addition, you will be able to take your dog anywhere you go.

Some dog parents are not sure if their dog needs a life vest or not. That is the reason why we gathered important information about dog vests and tips to help you choose them wisely.

Why my dog needs a life vest?

The life vest is an essential attribute for most dogs. Some of them need a life jacket only when they are on the boat, but others might need a life vest even near the lake. That depends on the swimming skills of your dog.

If you are struggling to decide whether your dog needs a life vest or not, you should evaluate your dog’s swimming abilities. For example, if you have a spaniel or retriever, you will know that they are natural swimmers. However, others need extra safety near the water.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider buying a life vest for your dog:

  • Some dogs are not born for swimming
  • Swimmer dogs could get tired too
  • A life vest will protect your dog from freezing
  • You will see your dog in the water easily
  • Life jacket makes swimming lessons easier for dogs

How does a dog life vest work?

A life vest is easy to use. You need to put it on your dog’s back and place the vest’s handles on top. To make the vest comfortable and tight, make sure to set the neck strap snugly. However, try not to close the air supply for your dog. Note that some life vests have chest straps, so you need to scratch them as well. 

How Should a Dog Life Vest Fit?

A dog life vest works when it fits well. So, you need to ensure that the vest is correctly attached. Firstly, weigh your dog and choose the life vest according to the given size. Secondly, measure the length of your dog from the neck to the tail. In the end, measure the widest part of the neck and chest. These measurements will help you to select the best life vest for your dog that fits well.

Here are few steps to follow for the life vest fitting process.

  • Unclip all straps.
  • Put the life jacket on your dog from the neck.
  • Attach the neck clip.
  • Tighten the neck clip until it’s snug but left room for the dog to move and breathe.
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How to choose the best dog life vest

  • Ability to float

The first thing to take a look at is how life jackets float in the water. Naturally, without floating they are useless for your dog. With the proper amount of buoyancy life jacket can be suitable to use for a long time.

Some dog life vests have flotation under the chest and back sides. Others have flotation near the neck area to maintain your dog’s head above water. So, if you want to choose one of the best life vests, start by looking for jackets with the best flotation system.

  • Amount of handles

Handles are an essential asset for the jackets as they help you pull out your dog from the water. Some life vests have only one handle, while others can have two or more. Either way, in an emergency, you will need strong handles to help out your dog.

  • Color of the dog life vest

The dog life vest not only protects your dog but helps them to be visible in the water. So, if you want to purchase the best life jacket for your dog, bright colors would be a wise choice.

  • Size of the dog life vest

Dog life vests are different in size, and they might be too big or too small in some cases. However, if you want to make sure of your dog’s safety, you should look for the correct size.

How much does a dog life vest cost?

There are different types of life vests on the market that varies from lower costs to higher prices. You can find the budget model vests between $20 to $40. If you search for more durable and beautiful jackets, they could be higher in price than $40.

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