The 3 Biggest China Sourcing Challenges and How to Avoid Them

While product sourcing is an essential part of eCommerce businesses, it can be quite challenging. Every retailer has seen problems like damaged packages, lost items, or increased fees. Those are just a few examples of huge shipping problems that occur from time to time.

After all, delivering products to customers is a complex process, and many obstacles can encounter along the way.

Nowadays, numerous businesses sourcing products from China. If your eCommerce business is one of them, you would know how challenging it can be. However, there is always a solution, and you can make your customers happy with the right sourcing solution.

Let’s take a close look at some of the common problems in the sourcing process from China and consider how you can handle them easily.

Most of the sellers are not familiar with the Chinese market

China has one of the biggest markets in the world. So, it is crucial to have a seller who is familiar with it.

Unfortunately, most of the sellers can’t communicate in Chinese and do not know the market well enough. Of course, this causes some difficulties. For example, misunderstanding in communication can damage the whole shipping process.

The problem of communication is manifested not only in language skills but also in a lack of understanding of Asian culture. Knowledge of the art of negotiation is essential for a business agreement to take place.

One of the important difficulties of working with Shopify sellers is that they can’t speak Chinese, and you can’t be sure if they have enough knowledge of the market itself. This is the reason why native sellers are better to work with.

How can I avoid this problem?

In order To find a reliable supplier of products from China, it is important to deal with local suppliers. However, it is vital to select the supplier carefully.

EComhub.net is a platform that can help you with the sourcing process. Chinese local agents are always prepared to help you with the Chinese market and simplify the negotiation process.

The key function of every China sourcing agent is to identify, verify, and confirm a supplier that suits your business needs. EComhub will negotiate the price with the supplier and get the best price for your products.

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Hiring sourcing agents need extra commission fees

There are thousands of sourcing agents working for customers across the globe. Depending on the services they often charge different commission fees.

One of the important concerns while working with a sourcing agent is that you do not know who they are working for. Some of them have low commission rates of around 4%, but you can’t be sure of the service quality. Others need extra commission fees from sellers, which produces extra costs.

How can I avoid this problem?

eComhub.net offers complimentary souring to their customers as an added-value service to sellers. So, as a seller, you will not have to pay commission to a sourcing agent. Also, ecomhub.net provides a sample offering, which is an essential feature for retail businesses.

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It is hard to distinguish the end factories on Aliexpress and Alibaba

One of the annoying problems that you can come across while searching for trading companies on Aliexpress and Alibaba is that there are a large number of companies. So, finding the right end factories become a complex process.

In addition, the pictures and descriptions are almost the same for every merchant in Aliexpress. This makes the process of distinguishing end factories hard and annoying.

How can I avoid this problem?

eComhub.net can help you with the searching process. We have connections with domestic factories and know where to find the best end factories or supplies.

We will provide the list or database for potential suppliers. So, you will have the opportunity to understand more information about each factory. In addition, eComhub will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each seller and make a report for each candidate.

The eComhub.net sourcing team is known for cloth, 3C, beauty devices, etc. niche products. So, it can help sellers to identify qualified factories from raw material to the manufacturing process.

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