How to choose the best orthopedic knee pillow

heart-shaped knee pillow

Sleep is one of the most important parts of a person’s life because it has a huge impact on health. However, without the right bedding, it is almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, the number of people who sleep with back pain and knee pain is increasing enormously. The main reason is a poor sleeping posture or a wrong working posture, which increases the problem.

Regardless of the numerous reasons that can cause back pain, a leg pillow is a great solution for you. Especially if you like to sleep on your right or left side, a leg pillow can give you instant comfort.

Before you rush and buy any knee pillow, it might be helpful to know essential details about this product. That is why we gathered the most beneficial information to help you choose the best orthopedic leg pillow.

What exactly is an orthopedic leg pillow?

An orthopedic leg pillow supports the posture while the person is sleeping or lying down, such as the knees, legs, and back. Normal pillows come in a very typical design. However, orthopedic pillows come in a variety of shapes. They are designed according to orthopedic guidelines to ensure proper placement and help to any part of the body.

There are different orthopedic pillows for each body part. For example, you can find orthopedic pillows for the neck, knee, or even overall body. Here are the three most famous orthopedic pillows:

  • Body pillow

This kind of pillow is created to support the whole body. A body pillow has curves that protect the neck, head, shoulders, and back. In addition, it can be useful for anyone who needs better support to fall asleep.

  • Leg pillow

This pillow is placed between legs and is so useful for people who like to sleep on one side. The knee pillow supports the lower back and prevents friction between the legs.

  • Lumbar pillow

This orthopedic pillow mostly supports the legs and lower back. However, this one can also help you to sit with the correct posture. The lumbar pillows have a half-moon shape and are so comfortable.

heart-shaped knee pillow

How to use a knee pillow?

People who have back pain constantly use the homemade knee pillow by themselves. It means, placing any kind of pillow between legs. Of course, placing a blanket between the legs reduces the pain and makes the posture better. However, this is not the most efficient and correct way.

The knee pillow is designed specifically to help you relieve any back pains. The leg pillow should be between your knees or legs. In this position, it can carry the weight of your thigh. You will feel relieved and comfortable. Finally, you can find a good position and get the sleep you need.

By using a knee pillow for a long period, the pain can completely disappear. Avoiding the cause of the pain is essential because it promotes the healing process.

heart-shaped knee pillow

What to consider before buying the leg pillow?

Purchasing a leg pillow will make your sleep a lot smoother. In addition, it will be a good investment for your health. However, there are different types of cushions on the market, and it is always a better idea to know what you are looking for. Here are some crucial features to consider:

Weight of the body

The first thing you should think about is your weight. If you are a little heavier than an average person, try to buy a stronger and thicker pillow. Take a note that, for the best result leg pillow should be in line with your weight. For example, a soft pillow will not be much helpful in this situation.

Knee pillow type

There are numerous options of knee pillows on the market. Some of them have a strap to stop pillows from moving at night. Others may do not have the strap but have considerable thickness and material. I suggest using a memory foam knee pillow with a strap.

Knee pillow shape 

The best knee pillow for side sleepers sits between the thighs or fits along the length of a person’s calves. There are also leg pillows shaped like cylinders and wedges. So, you can go ahead and choose the best shape for your utmost comfort. 

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