How to choose the best wooden play gym for babies

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Babies grow and change fast in their first year. This is the period when they learn the basic skills and observe the world. As babies develop, so does their desire to touch and feel things. Therefore, investing in a high-quality wooden play gym is a clever decision.

Wooden play gyms help babies to learn, play, and move while they lay on the floor. Whether playing with moving parts, reaching up to hanging toys, or kicking their legs, using an activity gym encourages their development and stimulates babies’ senses while having fun.

While choosing the play gym for your baby, you should look at some of the interesting factors. For example, what are the playing gyms made of, their features, and how to install them easily.

To help you find the best play gym for your baby, we gathered all of the essential information to get you started in your search. Take a close look and choose the play gym with the utmost confidence.

Are play gyms good for babies?

Babies learn many new skills in their first year of life, but you can help them with different toys. One of the most popular toys is a play gym, which can boost your baby’s development.

Play gyms are designed for infants and help them to reach toys by playing and have fun. It is recommended for three-to-six-month-old babies. However, you can start using play gym from day one. Both medical researches and parent polls show that play gyms can be helpful for a baby’s growing process. Here are some essential benefits you can get:

Play gym has cognitive benefits

Play gyms help your baby learn basic actions, like grabbing, pulling, or kicking a toy. These skills are essential for the brain because they start to understand the logic.

At first, babies do some actions by chance. After some time, they start doing these actions intentionally. Between 4-8 months, they already repeat moves because they understand the reason.

Improves grasping skills

Grasp reflexes are the very first skills newborns have. They move their fingers and react in a certain way but do not have control over it. For example, if you push babies to pawn, they will grasp you without realizing what they are doing.

Playing gyms help newborns to realize what they are grasping and build an understanding of cause and effect. In addition, play gyms improve their ability to bring two hands together at the body’s midline.

Develops visual perception

Babies can’t see objects from far away, as they are nearsighted when born. However, you can help them improve their visual perception by using playing gym.

Many play gyms use bright colors and noticeable toys to help babies learn the difference. Babies begin to develop perception around 4 months of age. So, play gyms can be a helpful trainer for this time of period.

What to consider while choosing the play gyms?

We’ve already discussed some of the important benefits of play gyms. However, when you start to choose the best play gym for your baby, you should consider few more essential features:

  • Colorful toys. Try to buy a play gym with a lot of contrasting colors. As we already mentioned, colorful toys will develop your child’s visual perception.
  • Wooden material. There are different types of play gyms on the market. However, a wooden play gym is perfect for children’s safety since it is made of non-toxic, organic wood.
  • Additional loops. If your play gym has loops, you can hang other teething toys or rattlers for your baby.
  • Detachable mat. Having a detachable mat that can be washed is a vital factor in maintaining cleanliness.

As a parent, you may be concerned about safety issues while using a play gym. However, be rest assured. Baby play gyms are created especially for little ones and are completely safe. They are made with soft mats below that are cushioned and will not cause the slightest injury to even the infants. In addition, you can choose the play gym material, toys, and soft cushions by yourself and be in peace.

Key features of the best wooden play gym

Watching your little one’s first giggles are one of the cutest things you’ll ever see. With the interactive Wooden Baby Gym, they’ll be endless as babies lie back and play with all of the colored hanging toys.

Non-toxic wooden play gym is one of the best investments that parents can make for their baby’s healthy development. It gives the baby a safe and fun space for practicing motor and cognitive skills. Take a look at the 5 key features of the best wooden play gym:

1.Stable construction

The wooden play gym has a stable A-frame construction with a fixing rope. In addition, it has stability sticks, which prevent the wooden play gym from collapsing.

2. Foldable

The construction is easy to assemble and fold away for storing.

3. Smooth wood

The best wooden play gym should be made of alder wood. Alder is one of the softest of all woods and is more commonly referred to as semi-hardwood.

4. Varnished 

Wooden play gym looks better if it is varnished. Varnish is a clear transparent hard protective coating or film. Also, varnish finishes are naturally glossy and durable.

5. Easy to set up

The installation process of the play gym should not be complex. The simple wooden gyms can be installed by hand without a hammer.

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