2022 Mother & Baby Items and Toys Hot Selling Guide

Mother & baby items and toys have unlimited prospects in various markets and huge development potential. How to capture industry focus? What are the selection guidelines for mother and baby items and toy products? This article will provide an overview of the markets in these two categories, recommendations for popular items, and summarize the successful experiences of various sellers.

Analysis of hot-selling products

Mother & baby items

Below are the hot-selling products and product selection directions in the mother and baby category. Including high-frequency consumables and cost-effective items. We help you grasp the direction of popular orders.

High-frequency consumable products

The high-frequency consumption products are mainly common baby necessities, such as wet wipes and other bath and skincare products.

Branded and non-branded products on the market complement each other to meet consumer needs. Brands need to build a credible image with high quality as their main selling point and build brand recognition. Non-brands have higher requirements for cost performance. Sellers can use their product features to choose one of the operating directions.

Due to the long shelf life and easy transportation and storage of such products, we recommend sellers enter markets with warehouses.

Cost-effective items

Cost-effective products, as a must for stores to attract customers, can attract buyers to the store. They can increase the number of fans and improve the conversion rate of store traffic.

In the category of mothers and baby items, the most cost-effective drainage products are mainly used for breastfeeding. Such as pacifiers, which are small and lightweight. So sellers can be easy to control the transportation cost. In all marketplaces or platforms, sellers can use cost-effective products to attract traffic or customers.


Hot-selling products in the toy category include popular online toys and cost-effective toys. The strategy of using cost-effective products to attract customers is also applicable to this category.

The sales of toy products are greatly affected by fashion trends. Online popular toys have a wide audience, considering both adults and children. Such products are usually popular on social media or other platforms.

They are always fun and educational, collectible, interactive, and competitive. If you can successfully catch the popular trend, then you can increase your sales by dozens of times, and the profit will be huge.

Evergreen toys

Evergreen toys generally refer to products that have been selling well in a certain market for more than 6 months, and the styles are relatively basic. We can commonly find such products in role-playing and low-school education. Such as classic plush toys, building block toys, etc.

These kinds of products with high requirements for cost performance and high quality and low price are more likely to stand out. Since evergreen toys have higher MOQ, we advise experienced sellers to focus on the Brazilian, Mexican or Polish markets.

Toys are the main products in the Latin American market, so there are many product resources in the toy category. The Polish market, as a new market, also has more resources to support, and it is easy to participate in activities like big promotion.

Cost-effective products

The toy category can also use cost-effective products for store traffic. Cost-effective toys are generally made of plastic and silicone products, which are interesting and educational, such as small decompression toys with cute shapes.

They are lightweight and have low shipping costs, making them suitable for all markets. Among them, in the Vietnamese market, small and cute toys are more popular. During the big promotion period, the explosive force is strong, and sellers operating in the toy category can pay more attention.

Summary of seller’s successful experience

After understanding the direction of the best-selling products of mother & baby items and toys, let’s introduce the experience summary of operational and resource-based sellers. From quick launch, and advertising testing, to product portfolios.

Capture the industry’s best-selling, running ads to test products

Knowing how to play e-commerce and proficient in-store operations, this toy seller started in the Philippine market with rich experience in cross-border e-commerce stores.

Through refined store operation skills, the order trend has grown rapidly within 6 months. After the successful verification of the operation method, he quickly opened a store and copied it to other markets such as Brazil.

Key strategies include:

Quickly add new products: Capture hot-selling products and potential products in the industry by regularly sharing product selection guides, weekly market reports, and other channels. Adhere to new products every week and use operation methods to quickly promote test models.

Advertising measurement: Use the functions of advertising and product testing to analyze advertising data every week. And adjust ad selection (a premise that listing optimization and price competitiveness assessment are done).

Commodity combination: Operate products in layers (traffic, potential, and profit), make inventory and expense budgets and control overall profits.

Guaranteed supply

Key strategies include:

Product selection: Vertical store strategy, integrating its supply chain resources, and deeply cultivating baby products.

Advertising measurement: Advertising data every week and adjust advertising selection (premise that listing optimization and price competitiveness assessment are done).

Explosive product strategy: Use various platform activities (spike, coupons, in-store activities) to create explosive products, and at the same time divert traffic to the store. And use promotion methods to generate related sales with other products in the store.

Wholesale mode:

(1) Use bulk purchases to reduce the proportion of freight, increase the profit margin of commodity prices, and increase profits.

(2) Exchange price with quantity. Improve the bargaining power between itself and its partner factories.

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