The Best Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard 2021

Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Laptops and mobile devices allow us to work from anywhere around the world, be it an airport lounge, coffee shop, or office space. That said, spending long hours slumped over your device can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also cause pain or long-term injuries – and that’s where this Portable Fold Wireless Keyboard comes into play.

If you’re looking to maintain your productivity while on the road, investing in this quality portable keyboard can certainly improve your work environment’s ergonomics and ensure quick, less error-prone typing.

Features of the Portable Fold Keyboard

  • Fitted with a touchpad. Enjoy effortless control of your connected devices
  • Slim and compact, making it perfect for different settings, including the living room
  • The low profile, whisper-quiet keys will award your fingertips a whole new level of comfort
  • Awards you a 10 meter (33 foot) wireless range and trouble-free connections even in big rooms
  • Six months battery life. The inbuilt lithium battery is also rechargeable through a USB cable, so you’ll never need to change it
  • The device will automatically enter into sleep mode when not in use to save energy
  • Boasts a wide compatibility range. It’ll work with all four main operating systems that support Bluetooth (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.)

How is the Typing Quality?

The device’s typing quality is great. The plastic keycaps don’t feel slippery but will feel a little bit mushy while typing on due to the membrane switch. As evident from the product’s image above, there is also sufficient space between every key, which means the risk of typos has been greatly minimized.

The keycaps feel quite stable to top it off, and their low-profile design won’t cause much fatigue.

Regarding the typing noise, this triple folding keyboard is extremely quiet, so you shouldn’t find it bothersome in noise-sensitive environments.

What about its Performance and User Friendliness?

Connecting the triple folding keyboard is quite straightforward. All you ought to do is turn it on, find it on your device, and it’ll automatically install the required software, and you’re ready to go. During my test sessions, I used the keyboard on a wide array of laptops, and every time, the response was super precise.

Straight out of the box, you’ll also notice that most of the keys on the uppermost row (F1 through F12) have also been programmed for media-related functions, implying you can skip media, forward, pause, or play from the keyboard.

How Would You Describe the Design?

The triple folding keyboard is lightweight and thin, measuring 0.47 by 11.89 by 3.82 inches. The keyboard earns its all-in-one signature because it replaces the 10-key numeric pad you’re likely to find on full-size keyboards with a huge touchpad.

This eliminates the need to invest in a separate mouse. If you’ve ever hustled with lots of mice on your couch trying to get the perfect surface for precision pointing, then you know that this is a notable improvement.

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