Top 10 Best-selling Items in This Summer Sales Report

What exactly are the latest online business opportunities this year on AliExpress? Ground coffee machines, fascia guns, camping lights, SUP inflatable stand-up paddleboards ……

This year’s Summer Sale on AliExpress has just ended and a number of new categories with high growth rates have emerged. The top 10 items we listed are all items that are growing at more than 10 times the rate.

Sales of ground coffee machines have increased 377 times, camping lights 53 times, gaming books 47 times, sapphire watches 22 times, drones 12 times, etc.

And there are even more niche opportunities to look out for in different country markets. We also listed the hot items in each country’s market simultaneously.

On the first day of Summer Sales, Alpicool, a car fridge merchant, sold out in Korea. The shop has only just entered the Selling Post in May this year and has quickly exploded because of the new business opportunity.

In addition to this, the Spanish market for electric fans grew by more than 18 times. The French market for floor sweepers grew by more than 129 times. Cereal grinders in the Saudi Arabian market grew 84 times.

In the US market, watches, triple security phones, and lace hair covers were hot sellers. Stocked in advance in the US overseas warehouse, car repair tools also grew fourfold. Many auto parts merchants saw their sales increase tenfold.

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