Proof That Outdoor Furniture Business Is Exactly Worthy This Year

Incremental market space

Tourism recovery after the epidemic will drive an explosion in the commercial outdoor furniture market

The global outdoor furniture market reached US$2,028 million in 2021. The outdoor furniture market will continue growing at a CAGR of 2.79% between 2021 and 2027. Outdoor furniture can be divided into two categories: residential (e.g. decks, home gardens, etc.) and commercial (e.g. hotels, resorts). But residential outdoor furniture sales, which are both decorative and practical, still account for the majority of the market.

With the gradual revival of international tourism, demand for outdoor furniture is on the rise in the Asia Pacific market, including Thailand. The Asia Pacific is set to lead the global outdoor furniture sales market with a healthy and high market growth rate.

European and Japanese outdoor furniture online markets have more potential for promotion

The number of people searching for information about patio/patio furniture and accessories on Google in the USA is 6.5 million per month. In Europe and Japan, there are between 55 and 3 million searches per month.

Global consumer buying preferences

Young consumers are more likely to buy outdoor furniture online

The home furnishing segment can be divided into two types of consumers: renters and homeowners. Generally speaking, rental consumers are more interested in value for money than owner-occupiers.

In addition, in the US market, for example, data shows that most US furniture consumers are in the age group of 25-44 years old. 30–49-year-olds pay more attention to the overall quality of furniture products.

Sellers and brands can choose their key products based on their main consumer preferences. When pricing, in addition to fully considering the impact of competing products and platform factors, sellers can also use a combination of pricing and other methods to maximize the positioning of the customer base.

For example, one-third of the shop’s products will be price-performance-priced to drive traffic to the shop. While two-thirds of the products will be quality-priced to sink the customer base and brand reputation.

Large size outdoor furniture is more in line with European consumer habits

The height of the seats varies from 30 cm to 45-50 cm, while the tables are usually 75 cm. The quality of raw materials and the finish of the product are also important. Convenience is a key requirement for European consumers, who prefer low-maintenance, easy-to-clean, weatherproof products.

The aesthetic value of outdoor furniture is high. And sellers also need to achieve a minimum of comfort and durability in the continuous development of innovative product materials and designs.

Product development differentiation of outdoor furniture

Return of vintage design elements such as compilation style and metal cut-out shapes

Designs such as metal cut-outs, rattan textures, and wicker weaves give the product a vintage look with a contemporary feel and texture. Wicker furniture, for example, is light and airy, durable, and easy to maintain, making it ideal for warmer climates. Accessories such as neutral-colored blankets and fringed cushions complement the vintage rustic look.

Elegant, classic coastal minimalism is the trend of the day this summer

Whitewood, wicker furniture, and other white neutral products can easily be matched with a fresh coastal look. According to Wayfair’s Outdoor Trends 2022 report, searches for ‘teak outdoor bench’ have increased by 109% year-on-year.

Rustic château-style heat soars 300%

Rustic winery styles with elements such as flowering rattan, pergolas, slender dining tables, and wrought iron are also popular choices for outdoor décor. According to Wayfair, searches for rattan shelf sets were up 369% year-on-year and searches for cooked iron outdoor chairs were up 206%.

Environmental attributes

The search for bamboo and rattan furniture has risen sharply. The growing demand for eco-friendly outdoor furniture in Europe is stimulating the expansion of the local market for bamboo and rattan furniture. 2020 saw Germany become the leading importer of bamboo and rattan furniture in Europe with a 22% share of imports, followed by France with 13%.

Textile outdoor furniture products see peak sales in summer

According to data provided by gminsights, wooden outdoor furniture will account for more than half of the overall outdoor furniture market in 2020. Wooden outdoor furniture is expected to account for 6.5% of the total outdoor furniture market by 2027 due to its durability, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness. In addition, textile outdoor furniture is expected to grow significantly between 2022 and 2027.

In particular, the cost-effectiveness, comfort, durability, and high wear resistance of textile outdoor furniture products are more likely to lead to peak sales in the summer months than leather models.

The chair will be the “king” item and supports customization to make it more marketable

According to research, chairs are the most basic and fastest-growing item in outdoor furniture. The sales of chairs are expected to grow at an annual rate of over 7% by 2027. Customization is not only popular with consumers in the clothing sector, but also in the outdoor furniture sector.

Advice on optimizing independent websites

Tell a good brand story and increase product premiums

Consumers pay attention to the spiritual expression of brand culture, and telling a good brand story is a powerful tool to enhance the tone of the brand and impress the audience.

A good brand story is a good source of word-of-mouth and is the backbone of a brand’s premium value. With global audiences expecting all industries to be ‘environmentally friendly, a brand’s contribution to the environment, where it can, is a great promotional tool to raise the brand’s profile.

Copywriting that evokes empathy and precise long-tail words that highlight product benefits

Advertising is very important to find new customers. For Google search ads and shopping ads, it is recommended to optimize the headline. Highlighting the functionality of the product and focusing on content marketing. If using Google Display Ads, it is important to be creative and to integrate the product into the context. It is advisable to use copy that evokes empathy for the user, or to share life hacks. And to avoid sales language as much as possible to motivate the user to click through the page.

Facebook ads can use Dynamic Creative Testing to test ad creatives. The feedback data is used to filter the audience’s statistics and areas of high purchase intent to create dynamic personalized ads. Filter for precise long-tail keywords that best highlight your competitive advantage, such as outdoor furniture for small spaces, removable outdoor furniture, etc.

Therefore, sellers can select the appropriate long-tail phrases based on product features and descriptive directions such as product material, design, shape, and application scenarios. You can use tools such as Google Trends to check the search trends of keywords and explore other categories that are on the rise to capture accurate traffic. In addition, direct benchmarking against competing keywords is also a good option to drive traffic in the early stages.

New ideas for offline presentations. Word-of-mouth to break through marketing pain points

One of the marketing pain points in the furniture e-commerce industry is that it is difficult to provide consumers with physical access to and experience with the products. With this in mind, Outer has creatively launched the ‘Neighborhood Showroom’ program, which encourages users who have already purchased Outer products to apply to become ‘Experiencers’.

A team of professional photographers will come to your home to take pictures of you as an offline experience before inviting potential customers to buy, for which each ‘Experiencer’ will be paid a fee. Outer now has over 1,000 neighborhood showrooms in the US and has built several small communities offline around these Experiencers.

Many mattress DTC brands offer free use schemes for a limited period, something that is difficult to replicate for large shipments in the furniture industry. It is more effective to encourage consumers to make purchases and become ‘customer ambassadors’ for product promotion by using their own shopping experience as an incentive.

It may be difficult for brands to invite potential consumers to visit their homes, but it is possible for ‘customer ambassadors’ to introduce products via live video or video calls. Although there is no real ‘experience’, the credibility and effectiveness of the promotion can be greatly enhanced.

Email marketing

Outdoor furniture products generally have a high unit cost. Therefore, email marketing is a good way to drive consumers to learn more about the product and make a purchase decision.

Email pushing can give consumers a sense of interaction. Personalized content recommendations such as outdoor furniture options and seasonal themes can be sent to repeat customers who have already visited the standalone site and browsed the range. Emails can also be used to follow up with consumers after they have completed their purchases. Collecting customer reviews and feedback will provide a personalized shopping experience in the long run.

Social media channels create ambient content that speaks to consumers

Consumers are particularly interested in the ambiance of the outdoor furniture product images. Promotional materials with a strong atmosphere are more effective when published on social media platforms.

For this reason, outdoor furniture product photography should focus more on showing how a variety of products can be matched and how they can be displayed in an outdoor setting. This creates a harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere for people and things and increases the overall impression of the product to the consumer.

It can also promote cross-selling of products. In addition, the quality and merits of furniture products can be demonstrated through videos, product dismantling, and photo explanations.

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