Disco Ball Goes Viral on TikTok and Brings New eCommerce Opportunities

A spinning ball of lights makes a disco that was part of the memory of the last century seem to have come back overnight. In the wake of the global epidemic, many consumers were unable to go out and live at home for long periods. So occasional parties became their way of having fun. Against this backdrop, the disco ball re-emerged as one of the popular choices.

Especially on TikTok, various types of disco ball light are making a splash. Products with disco-related elements are also trending upwards and a new wave of retroelements is coming to the fore.

A disco ball triggers a vintage style

From its inception, disco as a form of music has been inextricably linked to dance halls. The dazzling lights and shadows inside the discotheque have become an iconic element. Sales of various disco ball decorations are also on the rise.

Disco balls are in the party category and bring their heat. There is usually a small peak at the end of the year.

For Generation Z, parties represent a culture, a tradition, and a way of life. But in the past year or two, this party culture has been greatly tested by the limitations of social distance. Large parties have been banned or required to be scaled down.

As a result, disco seems to have become a common theme following the relaxation of epidemic control measures in various countries. Disco ball decoration has become the new favorite for young people’s home parties.

A disco ball, also known as a mirror ball, is a large sphere covered with several glass lenses or other reflective materials. In clubs, the entire disco ball is usually suspended above the heads of the dancers. Once the spotlight is focused on the spinning ball, random bands of light are projected onto the walls, ceiling, and floor.

The disco ball can be used as a minimalist decoration for the home or as a party decoration. It can also be used as a prop for everyday photo shoots. Allowing you to enjoy the illusion and reality of a disco dancing scene.

Disco ball is used in a wide range of scenarios, not only in dance halls but also in roller rinks, bars, some art galleries, and concert venues.

Its popularity on social media

Such a dazzling disco ball is already a big hit on social media platforms. But we can tell the cost of this product isn’t high. Many consumers say that this pleasure is exactly what they need to enjoy the vintage atmosphere, nostalgia, or longing for that era.

On TikTok, videos with the hashtag #discoball have accumulated over 140 million views. Many people are using the disco ball as decoration or displaying it at parties, which is fun and atmospheric and has generated a lot of attention. The simple disco ball has created a vintage disco vibe, and it’s becoming an instant hit.

Disco element products are on the rise

We found that the keywords #Discoball had a monthly search volume of 77,416 and #partylights had a monthly search volume of over 20,000. And that the search volume has been increasing in the last two years.

Looking at Google Trends searches for #Discoball also coincide with the timing of the outbreak. Since the global outbreak, people have been unable to dance at the bar and now the demand for disco balls is skyrocketing.

It’s worth noting that these disco balls don’t come cheap on Amazon. The disco ball at the top of the list retails for around $60. The details page describes it as creating a flashing light by pairing it with a spotlight and a rotating motor. And ideal for parties, wedding holidays, etc.

For the popularity of the disco ball, the industry analysis that the reason for the resurgence of the disco wind is “retro fever“. The reason behind this is the retro sentiment of people. The disco ball has now become a symbol of people’s memories of the eighties and disco. The spirit of freedom and passion that disco preaches caters to the spirit of many young people today. This is why it has gained renewed attention through social media in a short period.

The vintage style has been a huge hit online for the past two years and enjoyed its popularity from short video platforms to clothing and makeup.

Previously Nike had also released an AirJordan1 Mid – the ‘Disco Ball’. Featuring a silver metallic finish from the toe to the heel and throughout the base. They designed this colorway with the Disco Ball in mind. The homage is clear.

Not only disco balls, but all kinds of disco-inspired clothing and footwear have also become a big hit today. The keyword #discooutfitwomen, with over 30,000 monthly searches, is an indication of how trending the vintage style is.

A culture can have a direct impact on consumer behavior. The rise of personalized consumer demand among Generation Z has created new trends. And to capture the consumer trend, we must truly understand the culture of young consumers and dig deeper to create products that suit their needs.

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