Why Do Customers Buy Products On Shopify Instead of On Amazon?

Amazon has low prices and high prices on independent sites. Why do people go to independent sites to buy things?

For example, this pet hair clipper costs 25 dollars at a standalone station.

The price on Amazon generally ranges from $15 to $24

Why do some users want to buy on independent sites instead of buying on lower platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress?

I think the main reasons are as follows:

Different shopping thinking

Users like to shop on big social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and they also want to use search engines to visit independent stations and then place orders to purchase products.

For example, the user is hesitant to buy an LED, 250w, but he does not know which one to choose, then he is likely to search on Google

which led 250w brand is better?

Then the search results of this kind of sentence are all Review articles. Users can compare which one is better by reading detailed reports, so they feel good, and they just bought the product of that one. The whole process is that simple.

Take Facebook as an example. Facebook is a company whose market value is in the top five globally, but its advertising revenue can account for 98%.

Facebook’s annual advertising revenue is around $84 billion

What does that mean?

In other words, sellers have invested a considerable amount of advertising fees on Facebook, and the vast advertising fees must be because some people buy things on social. Otherwise, no business will be willing to invest so much in advertising fees.

Therefore, if no one pays for the advertising costs invested, Facebook’s revenue cannot be high.

Perfect payment system

For buyers, there is no need to worry about payment security. For example, PayPal has a buyer and seller protection policy, and credit cards have 180 days for refunds.

Also, the buyer will not refuse to pay at will because the risk control system will record every transaction he makes, and credit is essential to them.

These have strengthened buyers’ confidence in online shopping.

I bought it because I like it

When a buyer sees a product on an independent website or sees a product he likes through an advertisement, the price is within his tolerance, or the other party’s material is excellent. He buys it instead of comparing prices everywhere.

Also, on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay, the price of a product depends entirely on the average cost of similar products.

As a dog lover, even if I am willing to pay 30 US dollars, the average price in many other stores is 15 US dollars. My final cost is close to 15 US dollars, and I may not consider buying other products.

If you put your product in the middle of a bunch of similar products, there is no independence at all, and the price of the product cannot truthfully reflect the value it can provide to customers.

The core is:

The commodity price is lower than the consumer’s psychological expected price. The consumer’s value of the product portfolio is higher than the apparent price of this group of products; he will be willing to use his credit card to buy it.

Why do customers buy goods at independent stations?

  1. Customer’s impulse consumption

I don’t know if you have had an experience like this. When you wash dishes in the kitchen, you find that the oil stains or rust on the pots and pans can’t be wiped off no matter how you scrub them. Suddenly you see someone in the group recommending the new magic pot brush.

The function is potent. It can remove oil stains and rust stains. It will not stick to vegetables like a wire ball, and it does not need to be replaced frequently. When you need it, you will buy it.

This is what we call impulsive consumption. When a customer reads Moments on Facebook and sees your product by chance, this product uses a video to introduce the product’s functions, usage methods, and usage scenarios from all angles, making you feel This is what I want. The product’s price is not high, only a dozen dollars, and free shipping, so I bought it right away.

There is never a shortage of good products in the market. There are many such cheap and practical products on AliExpress, but often these products are not easy to sell. Why?

Because consumers can’t find a suitable occasion to use your product, the product itself is not necessarily a point of value, but the occasion is.

For example, this denture sells for $5 on Aliexpress.

On the independent station, it has tripled!

Take a closer look at the content of the website. First of all, “a picture is worth a thousand words, and a smile is worth a million”

After reading it, do you feel excellent? Because smiles exist in various scenes, every frame in the advertisement tells you that every moment in life needs a smile, so it is easy for users to bring it in. Regardless of the actual quality of the smile braces, the natural effect, the product effects are shown in the video, and various real-life demonstrations are compelling, plus a price that can be readily accepted, it is easy to impress users.

2. Service experience

Take an example in life, makeup counters, and online shops. Discounts in online stores may be lower than counters, but many women also choose to go to counters to buy.

Often buying at the counter is because of the service:

First, the design and the atmosphere of the counter promote customer purchases; secondly, the staff will recommend products according to your needs, some will provide free makeup service and samples. After a complete set of services, customers will choose to buy products.

Similarly, put your product on a standalone station and make this product a very high-quality buying experience through marketing, video, and website design. Your customers will naturally be willing to pay for you at a price higher than the market price.

For example:

  • Set up a loyalty reward program for customers on the website — increase contact with customers, encourage customers to purchase next time, and cultivate customer loyalty.
  • Blog setting: for users’ concerns, suggestions from the perspective of friends and experts —experience professionalism
  • The domain name URL of the website is consistent with the brand logo.

When the website is opened and built, you need to replace all the logos on the website with your own company’s, such as the homepage, shopping cart settlement page, and the final order page, which will be more Significantly professional.

  • The website has detailed and precise payment policies, logistics policies, distribution policies, privacy policies, terms of use, terms about us, etc. so that customers feel reliable.
  • The website can realize real-time chat with customers and pay attention to customer needs.
  • Add website security certification to increase customer trust


When customers buy a product, price is only one of the considerations, and more is to consider the value and trust that the product brings. As an e-commerce seller should not limit our thinking to the price. There are many aspects of the website that we should improve to gain customers.

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