Christmas 2022: 12 Best Selling Toys Prediction

Toys are always a must-have pick for both online sellers and shopping platforms in holiday sales. We listed the top 12 toys for Christmas here.

Social psychologist Honey Langcaster-James says some of the toys on the list are designed to encourage trust and friendship. And others can develop early science, engineering, and math skills. So this year, the theory of toy suppliers selection is to consider whether they can bring extra help to a child’s developmental journey. The play value of the toy itself is no longer of primary importance.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

For older children, this toy offers great play value. Not only is it themed around a popular character, but it is also intricate and challenging. It brings a sense of achievement and develops a child’s willpower.

Creator Pirate Roller Coaster

This toy is a popular adventure playground for children. In addition to the development of motor skills, this toy helps to develop children’s creativity and conceptual thinking. In addition, the construction concept of the roller coaster can enlighten children on scientific concepts such as force and movement.


Unicorns are now a very fashionable and popular toy. Myla could be a particularly good toy for a child who values socializing with other children. Because this toy is light, comfortable, and easy to carry. It not only changes color but also sings.

These interactive musical features are a great way to develop children’s artistic cells and interest in performing.

Toot-Toot Friends Kingdom Pirate Ship

This toy develops children’s cognitive skills through interactivity. In particular, they have the opportunity to learn about cause and effect when they press various buttons.

The multiple characters on the boat inspire children to associate these characters with each other. In addition, the game helps children to develop teamwork and imagination.

Leap Start Leap Frog

For younger children, this toy provides an excellent opportunity for cognitive development and early learning. It allows children to explore concepts such as numbers, shapes, and colors in an interactive and engaging way. The overall toy conveys a valuable message that ‘learning is fun’ and helps to foster a love of learning from an early age.

Playmobil Family Fun 9060 Aquarium with Fillable Water Enclosure

This toy has a lot of advantages. Not only does it have a variety of complex parts to assemble, but it also needs to be filled with water and has a variety of water games. The highlight of this toy is that it teaches self-protection and outdoor sports very well.

Baby Alive Real as Can Be

The dolls provide children with the opportunity to participate in role play and care. Helping to develop social and emotional intelligence. And the dolls’ facial expressions and reactions will evoke love and care in children.

Nerf Laser Ops Deltaburst

The target audience for this toy is the energetic child. Many children enjoy playing or exciting and energetic games, and this toy meets their preferences. The toy helps to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills and promotes an understanding of boundaries and safety, as well as the need for fair play.

Ricky/ FurReal Friends Ricky the Trick Loving Pup

Cute toys like Ricky are always popular with children. Because they are great virtual companions, they can bring about psychologically healthy development through comfort and familiarity, providing comfort when a child feels lonely or sad.

Barbie Careers Care Clinic Ambulance Play

Barbie is a character that many children and even parents know and love. This Barbie Career Ambulance is an advanced Barbie playset and the medical feature of the toy allows children to explore the themes of care and nurturing.

This toy also helps to reduce the anxiety of children who need medical attention, while also helping to develop social, emotional, and cultural awareness.

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash

This toy requires children to assemble themselves and then race with other cars, making it great for playing with other children. The highlight of this toy is that it exercises the child’s sense of competition. And it also helps them to learn emotional skills such as emotional control.

Shimmer and Shine, Shine and Zoomdust

This is a toy that engages children’s interests through fantasy and magic, with a unicorn theme. Children are encouraged to interact with each other in shared imaginative play, creating exciting experiences, pleasurable feelings, and a sense of belonging.

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