TikTok #1 Weekly Searches! Selling Air Fryer Has Amazing Potential

Due to the economic downturn and rising energy costs, more and more people have started to consider ways to reduce their energy consumption. The best way to do this is by replacing the equipment with energy-efficient appliances. It could help reduce electricity bills.

As a result, air fryers have recently become popular on TikTok. And it also has become a hot product for people worldwide.

According to a report by Argos, “air fryer” reached 1.84 million searches on TikTok in the first week of September. It makes “air fryer” the number one weekly trending word. That’s the equivalent of three searches per second.

It is worth noting that Argos sold an average of 1.6 air fryers per minute during the week. The air fryer is becoming a new trend, driven by TikTok videos on energy-efficient cooking.

TikTok Air fryer food-based video trend on the rise

#slowcooker” is also one of the popular cooking hashtags on TikTok, with 347 million views. Many food bloggers and chefs share their family recipes under this hashtag.

Make dried carrot chips, spiced fried potato chips, grilled cheese slices, fried ice cream sandwiches, and grilled banana slices ……

These foods were the hottest food trends on TikTok in the year’s first half. We can cook in just a few minutes with only an air fryer.

With its versatility and ease of use, the air fryer has quickly gained popularity in the TikTok cooking community. And it has become a must-have for many amateur chefs on TikTok.

The hashtag #airfryer has been viewed 4.6 billion times on TikTok. Along with others such as #AirfryerMaster with 4.9 billion views and #airfryertiktok with over 300 million views.

We can find many simple, health-oriented recipes under the hashtag #airfryer. Recipes for meals with more ingredients are often highly well-exposed.

Take, for example, a video of chicken cheese toast, in which a TikToker uses the fanciest ingredients and makes them an amazing dish in 57 seconds. Taste aside, the videos with over 1 million views are proof that users are obsessed with it.

In another breakout video with 22 million views, a food TikToker (@.cookwithbrooke) took the air fryer to the top of TikTok food with his video of fried green bean sticks.

We can see that with rising energy costs and living expenses, air fryers, which offer excellent energy savings, are becoming increasingly popular. Compared to the previous week, the number of user searches on TikTok that include the word ‘efficient’ has increased by 126%.

One study says that an electric cooker costs an average of 87p per day to run, while an air fryer costs just 14p per day. By converting these figures, it comes out that cooking in an air fryer can save around £285 per year compared to an oven.

Air fryers have become a hot item in South East Asia

In addition to Europe and the US, consumers in Southeast Asia are also on the rise in their enthusiasm for shopping for air fryers.

Ipek Akinci, Emerging Markets Manager for Philips, said in a previous report that Philips expects double-digit growth in sales of air fryers. Because the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia increasingly adopt healthy lifestyles.

Gaabor is an up-and-coming small appliance brand in Southeast Asia founded in 2021. In the TikTok Mid-Year Sale in June this year, its air fryer single product bagged the Top 1 and Top 2 best-selling products.

Also in the Indonesia sale on 9 September, a new smokeless air fryer was the number one selling product in the shop. This success helped the brand to capture the South East Asian small appliances market with its air fryer.

And in Singapore, the air fryer remains at a high level of buzz.

The search for air fryers in Singapore peaked with a 190% jump during the first quarantine season from April 2020 to May 2020.

According to Google Trends, searches for the keyword air fryer have remained steadily high for almost two years.

Likewise, air fryers are seeing a spike in searches on Google and Amazon. It was driven by the trend towards energy efficiency.

According to Google Trends searches, the number of searches for air fryers on Google has been on the rise since July this year.

The five regions with the highest traffic are mainly the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

We also found that users were more concerned with long-tail keywords. All these keywords are related to energy efficiency and cost of use in their searches.

In the Amazon keyword search rankings, the keyword “Air fryers” has moved from second place last week to first place this week.

By looking at the relevant traffic data, the search volume for “Air fryers” on Amazon has skyrocketed in recent times. The number one ranked keyword phrase has a monthly search count of 160,818 on Amazon and an average daily search volume of 5,361.

In digging into long-tail demand keywords, we found that Amazon users pay more attention to airfryers at a low price (price less than £100). They are also interested in the best-selling products in the same category, with a monthly average of 52,679 searches.

As a result, air fryers are still maintaining a fairly high level of popularity in overseas markets.

TikTok users’ food preferences are fuelling the demand for air fryers. Global inflation and big brands’ advertising also matter. Air fryers will lead to a wave of explosive trends in energy-efficient small appliances in the coming period.

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