Are toys a good dropshipping niche? Of course, the answer is yes! 

Highly Rated, Best Seller pop-up kids toys have a standard label: Made in China! China is already the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, with toy products exported to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, and 88% of imported toys in the US market come from China. According to statistics, consumers could spend US$590 billion on toys and DIY products in global online retail in 2021, making it the second most popular retail category.

In 2021, the industry said: when you hear cross-border sellers rely on fine selection to achieve an average of 2 million sales per month, this product may come from the toy category. It is reported that most of these sellers’ sources come from the toy capital of China – Chenghai.

Kids Toy City, hot picks export machine

Many Chinese toy manufacturers have years of experience in producing baby toys. In addition to the cooperations with international brands such as Tiger Tribe, nuby, Badabulle, and many others., they have a high degree of tacit cooperation, fast shipping efficiency, and product quality unanimously recognized.

According to a toy manufacturer’s staff, “consumers like to surprise and delight the children in the family with toys. There have been many orders of kids toys in Europe and the United States. We work with big international brands that specialize in baby toy ranges, doing OEM and also ODM, the order did not stop and at the same time get a lot of repeat orders.”

According to the German Toy Industry Association, sales of toys in Germany will increase by 4% in 2021 compared to 2020 to almost €4 billion. Of this, sales of puzzle sets and toys for babies/toddlers/preschoolers account for more than 60% of total toy sales in Germany in 2021. According to Euromonitor, the average child in Europe and the US spends more than seven times as much on toys as in other developing countries.

How long will kids toys still be a hit? Product selection is the real work

The toy category has been increasing year after year, and the market size is so huge that it has naturally become the focus of cross-border sellers’ product selection. Faced with a wide variety of toys, which category is more appropriate to choose? With years of production experience, many toy manufacturers have understood the way: “Whether it is domestic or overseas, the taste of toy consumers are changing very quickly. Toys need to be innovative all the time in terms of functionality and appearance.”

It is understood that, in addition to OEM production with foreign brands, many manufacturers also have their brands and support drop shipping. This year, according to the market demand, one manufacturer has designed the latest series, which is a dancing mat and has already applied for design and appearance patents in Europe and the United States.

Usually, the selection starts with whether the category is a long-term consumer demand item, which means considering whether the category matches overseas consumers’ buying preferences and lifestyle habits.

A seller says that baby toys and gift toys are in long-term demand. On the one hand, families in Europe and the US are very conscious of the rituals of life. Some parents will budget for various festive gifts for their children and include them in their annual family spending plan. Parents worldwide have different habits when it comes to buying baby toys. Some parents focus more on the early education aspect of babies and prefer to buy educational and early learning toys for their children.

In contrast, the creativity of baby toys attracts others. In addition to creative looks, these parents will prefer toys that bring more fun to their children. Therefore, fun, interactive baby toys have a strong appeal.

Being original and creative in design, look, and function

The dancing mat is a musical educational baby toy that meets the needs of all parents.

Its design is inspired by the need for scenarios where children will spend more time playing at home during the epidemic. This dance mat is foldable, does not take up much space, and has an exterior design with animal images that children generally like. It is also designed with lots of features for babies to explore.

For example, the nine-play lights will correspond to 9 dancing keys, allowing you to switch between 9 different levels of play. It is also designed with two clearance modes and three difficulty options of ‘easy – normal – hard.’ Babies can dance interactively with their parents, enjoy the passages, work on limb coordination, learn different piano scales and eight different dance numbers. The dancing blanket has 7 volume levels for easy adjustment. It is also available in various brighter colors, which helps babies develop eyesight.

Online sellers have their own set of methodologies about what to sell, but from the manufacturer’s design concept, you can still see some of the ideas to create a hot product.

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