The Sustainable Home Market Is Emerging! Seize The Opportunity!

If we were to ask what will be the hot trend in home products in 2022, then environmental sustainability would be one of the biggest trends.

Environmental, social, and governance-related (ESG) are driving investors increasingly for global capital. According to the GSIA, global sustainable investment is already reaching US$35.3 trillion in 2020 and will continue to grow.

The way people produce and consume is also changing in line with the goal of carbon neutrality.

According to a study, online users are becoming more aware of the need to consume sustainable goods to varying degrees. This includes an increase of 40% in the home category and 24% in the furniture category.

Several online shopping platforms have also launched campaigns for the Sustainable Home. These events bring together eco-friendly and sustainable home décor from sellers around the world.

The focus of sustainable homes is on energy-efficient and sustainable product design and production. Colors are mostly in natural, muted color schemes such as white, linen, and stone. Materials are made from non-toxic, natural, or recyclable materials. Such as stone, jute, seaweed, bamboo, etc.

Hot sustainable home products

Woven rattan and straw products

Aesthetic and environmentally friendly woven rattan and straw products are already widely used in home furnishing. Indoor and outdoor rattan furniture, bedroom storage, small kitchen storage pieces, and floor mats can all use these materials.

Especially in summer, these products are very popular with buyers, and sales increase significantly compared to normal times. Because these products always provide a natural, fresh, gentle, and elegant physical and psychological sensation.

Dried flowers

People are used to decorating their homes with flowers, but this year, instead, dried flower-based decorations are taking off. A variety of plants can be used to make dried flowers, such as cattail, cotton, reeds, palm leaves, lavender, and many more.

A large bunch of dried flowers in a simple glass container or a special bamboo basket will reflect the owner’s positive attitude towards Sustainable Home.

Eco-friendly home textiles

This cushion cover is made of PET yarn, its fibers are made from recycled plastic bottle material. Recycled plastic bottles are shredded into flakes and spun into threads to make useful new products.

It’s also very soft to the touch and is both smudge and UV resistant. Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the material, they are also suitable for asthma sufferers.

Other items such as rugs woven from natural jute, handmade rugs made from fair trade recycled cotton, and throw pillows made from washed linen are some of the best-sellers in the sustainable home category across online shopping platforms.

Candle holders in natural materials

Toasted coconut candle

Toasted coconut-scented candles packed into coconut shells provide a relaxing and soothing aroma. Filling the room with tranquillity while reminding you of your last trip to the beach.

Clay pot candle

This unpretentious candle in a reusable terracotta jar is the perfect addition to any stylish modern décor. Whether by the bed, on the kitchen bench, or the tabletop in the hallway. Once the candle has burned, the container can be used to store a variety of jewelers, cosmetics, and other small items.

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