Lessons From The Online Shopping Analytics

Consumers’ online spending is gradually increasing, with Amazon still their first choice for searching and buying products, and Walmart online shops are catching up. This article will describe the changes that have taken place at Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers and consumers’ preferences for advertising on Amazon.

Online shopping and spending preferences

The data below reflects online consumer spending in Q3 2021 and forecast shopping in Q4 2021.

The majority of consumers reported spending on online shopping remained the same or decreased during Q4:

– 31% said spending would be reduced.

– 40% said spending would stay the same.

– 29% said spending would increase.

– Amazon became a popular category search platform, outperforming traditional search engines, social media sites, and other retail sites.

Facebook and YouTube became popular social media sites for consumers searching for online categories.

Good value for money is the number one reason consumers shop online. Unique attributes such as fast and low-cost shipping and the ease with which consumers can compare prices are also important factors.

The survey also found that more online shoppers are susceptible to shipping than the product’s price.

– 61% of consumers shop online once a week.

– 20% of consumers make one online purchase per day.

Walmart vs. Amazon consumers: online shopping preferences

Shopping by category

54% of consumers shop on Amazon on an average week, compared to 46% of consumers who shop at Walmart’s online store.

– Categories such as baby products, beauty & personal care, and fitness equipment on Amazon saw increased purchases and a greater rate of change in growth.

– Purchases of categories such as vitamins and dietary supplements, garden and outdoor products, and tobacco on Amazon were down.

Ranking of Amazon advertising

Do consumers take notice of sponsored ads? Do they accept these ad placements in Amazon advertising? For the survey, interviewers showed consumers examples of ads from selected Amazon merchants (pictured above) and natural rankings for the same ones. They asked them to rank them on their appeal. Ranking of Amazon advertising products by consumer ranking preferences:

1.  Organic listing

2. Sponsored Products ad in search results

3.  Sponsored Brands ad 

4. Sponsored Brands video ad in search results

5. Sponsored Products ad below the search page navigation

6. Sponsored Products ad on a product listing

7.  Sponsored Display ad

It is clear from this that consumers prefer natural rankings to other promotional ads. Also, most consumers prefer the top of the page to the bottom of the search page and the product detail page.

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